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What’s one faith-building thing you plan to do in the New Year? Why?

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31 Responses to “December 28, 2009”

  1. pjack4 says:

    This coming year I plan to place all my trust in God.
    I plan to be more believing that God can take care of all my trials and cares. Because he has brought me thru a lot of things this past year. Most of the time I tried to handle it all myself, only to find out when I let him take care of them, Things that seemed so impossible to me were not impossible for him. God has taught me that he really does love me and will take care of me. So my plan for the new year, As my friend would say is not to [CRUMBLE LIKE A CRACKER] every time a trial arises in my life, For God is there to handle all of them as long as I let him. And not try to do it all myself.

    • Felicia says:


    • humble1951 says:

      I’m not sure that there’s something new that I can plan to do this year to grow closer to God, except to share my faith more with others; Christians and non-Christians alike. I also need to put my faith into day to day practice as well.

      The scriptures tell us that once we are born again into the knowledge that we have been saved we should share the good news as much as possible with others, as well as living in Christ each and every day. That is the hard part for me and many other people. I know that I am a sinner and my faith still wavers occasionally.

    • mysticwindmill says:

      Sharing with other trusted individuals, such as in a small group at church, might be helpful also. If you’re a guy like me, we tend to keep things to ourselves. Not a good idea.

      It does take time to begin sharing with God, and with others, but it is worth the effort.

    • cargojack says:

      This year I plan to daily recognize, that I serve a living, Sovereign God. So many times in the past I have made my plans on how I felt he wanted me to serve Him. This year I want to start each day afresh, make sure my relationship is correct with the Living God of the universe, and wait to make sure my life and my plans, are in sync with His Divine plan and mission for my life.

  2. wittydesigner says:

    My plan for the new year is to be more intentional about daily Bible reading.

  3. KayElAr says:

    This past year I truly found God. I was going through a really hard time and I was trying to fix it all myself. Once I let God take care of me and my problems, they started to be resolved. My plan for the new year is to read the bible more and partake in daily devotionals. I also plan on trusting God completely with all aspects of my life. I trust that this new year all things will be made new. This new year I will make a conscious effort to use my whole heart when praying.

  4. lyndygayle says:

    pray multiple times daily: keeping a conversation going all through the day

  5. cevans99 says:

    In the New Year I am going to exercise my faith my completely trusting God with everything and allowing Him to direct my path…….” Trust in the Lord with all thy heart”

  6. tony2k10 says:

    In 2K10, I’m going to continue to strengthen my faith walk with Jesus. I’m not going to let financial woes bother me anymore. I’m going to let Christ lead the way. What does God have in store for my life?

  7. Barb says:

    I will continue my morning Bible reading. I started a reading plan in 09 and yesterday was my last day.

    I really enjoyed starting the day with the Bible. I think it helped me put things in perspective.

    Today I found this site, so btween odj and my own study Bible, I hope this year will be even better then 09!


    • humble1951 says:

      I’ve been doing the exact same thing the last 2 years: drinking my first cup of coffee and reading the scriptures – the first thing when I wake in the morning. And I always thank God for the gift of another beautiful day.

      I’m trying to carry out my prayer and walk with Jesus more through-out the day. Of course you can’t spend every minute of the day in prayer, but it helps to stay in the conscious presence of the Lord, as much as possible. Because Jesus is always there for us, whether we recognize Him or not.

      Conscious awareness and meditation are powerful practices as well as reading the scriptures.

      • Sunday 2 says:

        I plan 2 acknowledge God in all things I do and say

        this year, because I don’t always do that. He bless me

        daily and I need to always be mindful of that

  8. fabi says:

    My faith-building plan is to read all the letters our LORD God left me/us just so we can learn how much He loves and cares for me/us. What a great Father He is. How powerful, tremendous and mercyful He is.

  9. Brianbenyosef says:

    I am striving toward what the apostle Paul calls a constant communion with Christ Jesus. To pray to GOD and walk in Jesus throughout the day!

  10. newchicgal says:

    I want to find the relationship with God that I’ve lost.

    I remember there was a time when I loved God so much that I prayed that I will only marry the man who loves God. I told my boyfriend at that time, who was a non-believer, that if he cannot believe and love God, then I could not marry him even though I loved him. He became a Christian, not for me, but because he really studied the bible and had a relationship with God. I thanked God and we got married.

    However, over the years, I started to drift apart from God and stopped going to church when my husband had some issues with the leadership in church. I was too weak and faithless to insist of going to church despite the conflicts we had with the church leaders’ management. Soon, we stopped going to church all together. My daily bible study became weekly, then monthly and stopped without me realising it. I was too weak to help myself or my husband who is younger in faith than I do to hold on to the relationship with God.

    I love my husband and son, but I realised that without God, nothing can be right. I feel lonely even though I am happily married. Sometimes, I feel so lonely that I just have to cry myself to sleep. I miss God and I fear that my son will grow up without knowing Him. Yet, having to juggle long hours of full-time work, part-time studies and a family, I do not know how I can bring my son to church when my husband needs to work on Sunday.

    Still, I will try. I will try to read the bible daily, even when I am dead tired from the lack of sleep, and try to share what I read from the scripture with my husband. Then I will try to attend church with my 3 year old son so that he will get to know God, even if my husband have to work on Sundays at times.

    Hence, reading the scriptures daily, sharing them
    with my husband and going to church with my husband and son are what I want to do this year. I do not know how I can possibily do all these with work, studies, exams, house chores and a family, but I will keep trying. May God gives me the strength and faith I need, to overcome all struggles and challenges, growing stronger in faith as I get closer to Him daily.

    • Brianbenyosef says:

      You have already taken a step in the right direction. Seek and you will find. GOD knows what you are feeling and he feels your pain. Pray and seek him earnestly and you will find him again!

    • Angela says:

      I think the first thing is you have realised where u are! that’s great and since you are abelievr God will seek u out…u r gpoing thru a dry patch…but you are now on the right path…seek yr husbands help too maybe to help u in yr stress of life..being mother wife and career woman..just talk things out with yr husband as well. pray for yr son…and groan to God just let Him see yr heart u will be blessed…I am sure…

    • Catherine says:

      Don’t give up, try your very best, the Lord knows your heart and He will give you every day the strengh and wisdom that you need.
      He loves us eventhough we are unfaithful sometimes!
      He is our Heavenly father…Hugs!

  11. sooski says:

    Accountability with a close friend helped me grow closer to God in 2009. We agreed to be in the Word daily and learn to pray without ceasing. Still something has been missing and I know that it is fully trusting God to work in areas of my life that I have controlled for so many years. Reading the Word and praying both lack power in my life unless I trust the author of those words and the listener of my cries. In 2010 I am choosing to let go of control each and every day, maybe several times a day, and let God work in my life to His glory. I want to learn how to fully trust Him.

  12. shayskin says:

    This coming year
    God will be total in control of my life
    I will finish college with a degree in business management I am reading the Bible in one year
    I want to loss some weight so my knee want hurt any more and to live longer

  13. Robert says:

    One of my goals for 2010 is to “build a sense of trust in God, as I seek to know Him, and to do His will.” I also want to continue involvement in my church-based Bible study group (Thursday morning), as well as my Sunday morning SS group.

  14. Pas. Fozzie says:

    I need to spend more time in prayer and silence. Often times I would pray and just keep jabbering, hit the ‘Amen’ get up and go on with my day. After, during, and sometimes instead of, prayer I need to be silent and listen to what God would have me hear. The still small voice sometimes cannot be heard over the din of life and a society that has gone mad with busyness. Even Christ himself spent time away from everyone and with His Father. If it was needed in the agrarian setting on the first century I definately need it now in our technological, manufacturing driven (in my area) setting.

  15. christlaikh says:

    2010, kick of by reading The Journey by Billy Graham, it really KICK me and let me knew a very very important fact that GOD want to be our friend. for me this is special enough.
    let see, what a true friend can do for you?
    almost every things in his or her ability, right?
    can you imagine our friend is the ALMIGHTY and all loving GOD? No fear for the journey ahead. but don’t get carried away! Devil want to block this progress. i wonder who is more powerful?
    GOD or devil? if we trust and FOLLOW God, we are at the winning side in Eternity. So simple. Praise the Lord.

  16. Catherine says:

    My faith- building action for this year is, read my Bible from cover to cover and not just serve in Church but make a difference around the family and friends around me!!!
    What better than being so contagious that every one wanting to have what we as believers have already!
    May the Lord bless this country so we can go back to what we believed always: GOD !

  17. tyronebcookin says:

    What’s one faith-building thing you plan to do in the New Year?

    Join a new bible study/small group.


    Because it takes faith in Christ to trust people and be part of something that relies on everyone, not just yourself.

    I know its a hard decision but sometimes its good to leave that bible study or small group that you have been with forever…get some fresh air, a new perspective, build some new relationships.

    Sometimes we just don’t have enough faith to leave our comfort zones, and sometimes that is all we have built over the years.

    Be a part of something new. Build some new relationships. Join a non-profit, charity, local ministry, a new position in church…etcetera. And see what, or who really challenges your current faith. That tends to build and strengthen ones current faith.

    Thats my plan for at least the beginning of this year, then I will build/add on that as I feel the Lord has given me a vision for more!

  18. Paulajo says:

    In this new year, 2010, I want to fall in love again with my first love–Jesus Christ! I have allowed so many things to come before Him and I have not been putting Him first in my life. At the end of my day, I try to squeeze Him in before I go to bed and that is so wrong! He needs to be first in my life everyday even if that means getting up a little earlier to do so. I need to begin my day by reading His Word and praising and talking to Him through prayer, and being obedient to what He is calling me to do and then trusting Him and having faith in His promises that “my God will supply all my needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:19) This shows my Creator just how much I love Him and just how much He deserves to be first place in my life. Dear Lord, I am so far from where I want to be in my walk of faith with You. Draw me closer to your heart this day Lord God, and help me to release my anxieties, worries, fears, and concerns into your loving hands everyday, first thing in the morning and bring me back to You, my first love!

    • tyronebcookin says:

      I can relate, I had to switch my reading/prayer time to first thing in the morning and started getting up earlier…end of the day always had me falling asleep on the Lord, not accomplishing much at all. No fellowship or relationship like that!

  19. chey says:

    I plan to reach out more to everyone and share the good news.

  20. riri says:

    I plan to participate more in outreach (volunteer more) where I can.

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