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How have you  been working on achieving and maintaining healthy relationships? What wisdom from God’s Word has helped you in this quest?

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20 Responses to “March 8, 2010”

  1. Brianbenyosef says:

    I have been opening myself up to others in my church and community. Letting them know more about who I am, and where I am in my walk with Christ. First and foremost I love GOD with all my heart, and try to give him my everything. This should not be a promlem if I love GOD, But I was so self centered for so long. It’s hard to change my thinking and my actions, but I’m trying very hard to do what GOD commands me. The love I have for GOD and my fellow Christians is easy, but my enemies! It may be hard to forgive then but I’m working very hard on it. I have found that the more I try the easier it gets. God bless you!

  2. bethanyF says:

    I have been trying to be more talkative to others. I pray that I would be talkative about the right things like God’s grace.

  3. mags says:

    Just remember that its not only what you say that influences others. We should be showing God’s love to those around us throught our actions and attitudes – otherwise our words are only a “clanging cymbal”.

  4. songhee8 says:

    I’ve been working on putting God as the First and Primary in my life. It’s so easy to love my boyfriend so much more and make him the idol in my life. And by doing these devotionals everyday and with prayer, I believe my heart will change and yearn and trust in God and in Him alone.

  5. songhee8 says:

    ^ because he is a jealous God (:

  6. vqueenc says:

    I actually pray for the Lord to send me the right friends. Even though we are to live peaceably with all people, it can be hard at times. I ask the Lord to lead me to the right people that will not only hold me accountable but help to strengthen my realtionship with the Lord as well.

  7. mrcampbell says:

    My name is Randy, and I am a new born again Christian. I have been through a life of jail and drugs, that began when my Mother killed my Father when I was four years old. Jesus has changed my life in ways I cant explain. I wake up every day excited about life, and his plan for me. I just pray that my story can be a testiment to how great God wants to be in your life, if you will just except jesus and let him in. God has made me care about life and care about how I contribute to the life of others. Praise God and thank-you Jesus.

    • tom felten says:

      Randy, thanks so much for sharing what God has done in your life. It reminds of what the Apostle Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 5:17, “Anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!” It’s great to have you in the ODJ community.

    • Mae says:

      Praise God that you are now an eternal brother in Christ! I believe that the Holy Spirit is equipping you every day for His kingdom and glory! I pray that you will stay in His Word and daily put on the full armor of God, Ephesians 6: 10-20. It’s important to have a trustworthy “Eli” who will mentor your walk in Christ and other Christian brothers and sisters to keep you accountable! God Bless you!

    • sherlynn says:

      Randy, your story can reach out to others! I was also a victim of drugs and alcohol from a bad child hood but you really went through some stuff my friend. Yet, you chose to let God have your life through Jesus. This is a powerful testimony & I hope you share it over and over!! God continue to bless your life!<

  8. sooski says:

    While my husband is deployed this year (until August 2010) I am seeing a Christian counselor to work on me. God so graciously has been revealing behaviors in me that, although they were appropriate during abuse in my childhood, are not acceptable now. As I repent and let go of these attitudes and behaviors, God is bringing me and my husband closer together even though he is farther away than he has ever been. Psalm 18:16-19 gives me strength to keep working on myself.

  9. Yes, I do strive on a daily basis to maintain healthy

    relationships — starting with my immediate family


    I feel that we need to be committed to each other as

    followers of Jesus Christ

  10. makks says:

    I happen to agree with Vqueenc completely.

    I also know that when people hurt me in the past

    especially if its someone i really trust,while i

    forgave them, i never could forget or remain close

    friends again…..but recently in my quest to live a life

    worthy of God’s attention…I’ve realized that when it

    comes to forgiveness, whatever i expect God to

    do with me in the area of forgiveness is really what

    the offending party expects of me….

    “For if you forgive men when they sin against you,

    your heavenly Father will also forgive you but if you

    do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not

    forgive your sins.”….Matt 6:14-15

  11. DavidinVa. says:

    I am at a toxic job. I was suspended this week because I did what I felt was the right thing to do. Unfortunately a manager didn’t see it that way. I have been there for over 11 years. This week has been very traumatic emotionally. I have however come to the realization that my job is toxic spiritually and that while I am at work I am not the christian I strive to be or Jesus expects me to be. I ask that if you will pray that God puts me to work where he wants me to be. He knows my responsibilities to my church, my child, and my creditors. All I know is that I want God’s will in my life. Not mine or anybody else’s.

  12. adeena says:

    i was born a christian , but its just two years since i have started having a personal relationship with my Lord and Saviour , Jesus Christ:) & am still on a roller coaster ride, but in all my faithlessness my Lord has always been faithful to me.Do pray for my relationship wid God to grow strong.
    My prayer is that i would be able to show love to others around me , even the people who had exploited me , with the same love that God had shown to me .I am praying for the grace to forgive myself and others who had made my earlier years before knowing christ, a dark period full of guilty deeds.:(

    • tom felten says:

      adeena, I pray that you will experience the freeing forgiveness that God has provided for you by His grace. Spend some time meditating on this verse: 1 John 1:9. in Jesus, you are a new creation!

  13. Mary Ann Maglasang says:

    I agree to Makks. it’s really difficult to remain healthy relationship to someone who betrayed and hurt you. I have difficulties in overcoming it. It happen to me with my best friend it took me more than a year to forget the feeling of being hurt. I’m really thankful to my family for their support. I also pray to God to help me forgive her but really it’s a long process. While I’m still hurt I forbid myself seeing her to avoid more conflicts. Time also help me heal the pain.

  14. vqueenc says:

    I totally agree. I’m finding that out now as well.

  15. marwkl says:

    I share the experience with riri. As we always wanted to maintain good relationship with people but people outside there do not think the same. It is always hard to maintain healthy relationships with people that hurt you be it your superior, peers, colleagues and friend that come into contact especially if the same person hurts you. Even you forgive that person and that person still hurts you. The wisom I get from GOD is to pray to GOD to help to forgive that person and forget. It is alwyays easy to say than done but I believe with GOD’S power I should be able to do it. Still working very hard. Last thing to do is to call a quit to the relationship.

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