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What does Easter mean to you? How will you remember Jesus’ passion this week?

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11 Responses to “march 29, 2010”

  1. Autumnlady says:

    Easter means redemption, rejuvination, rebirth and RESURRECTION to me. This week is better to me than Christmas and KWANZAA combined!
    I will remember Jesus’ passion by remembering how He suffered for me. I will try my best to imulate His life’s walk by walking through my own struggles in order to gain knowledge to pull others through the way that He pulled me through.

  2. chewyjean says:

    As a pastor once stated during his sermon “Easter is about Jesus death on the cross for our sins; but more importantly HIS resurrection on the third day. He conquered death and sin that we might live”. Thats my take on Easter. Be blessed.

  3. Esther says:

    Easter to me is an assurance of my believe. It marks a significant fact in our salvation.

  4. bethanyF says:

    Easter is a serious time. I am thankful for Christ’s death on the cross and his ressurection for me.

  5. Janetta says:

    Easter to me is to remember how Jesus conquered what humans fear so much: death.

  6. lyndygayle says:

    That death is conquered! The power of sin is broken through Jesus Christ!

  7. little light says:

    Happy resurrection day, again a reminder of how our Saviour was raised again for our justification, and how He has opened the new and living way into the Most Holy place so that we can come into His presence at all times and find grace to help in our time of need.

  8. ve9cbc says:

    Easter, to me, is remembering who I can turn to when I have troubles; who understands me better than me; where I can place my addiction so I do not have to deal with ‘the Devil in disguise’. I can ask Him any question, and I’ll have the answer in His time – not mine.

    I’ll also be praying for the people who are suffering with an addiction or addictions. It is my honest and sincere hope, that those people who are suffering with addiction(s), will find a true happy life that I have so graciously been given, through Christ Jesus.

  9. tim gustafson says:

    Easter to me is the brightest hope coming right right on the heels of the darkest night. It is God’s faithfulness and love to me even though I am so often selfish. It’s His promise that, because of His Son, He is transforming me into something better.

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