Lamentations 3:19-24
The faithful love of the Lord never ends! His mercies never cease. Great is His faithfulness; His mercies begin afresh each morning (vv.22-23).


• Job 38:12-13
• John 11:35
• Hebrews 4:15


Thank God for three ways that He provides for you. How can you be a channel of God’s love to someone today? Who is needing His love as displayed through you?

Those who have suffered severe loss often lament that their day of tragedy seemed like a normal day for everyone else. On the day they were fired, learned of their cancer, discovered their spouse was unfaithful, or held a child as she died—on that very day other people went about their business as usual. My divorce is final! My beloved is gone! they silently scream. How can you go to work, eat out, and catch a movie as if nothing has changed? Don’t you care?

Worse, their disastrous day seemed normal for God as well. The sun shone, clouds rolled by, night fell, stars appeared. Doesn’t God care either?

The book of Lamentations captured Jeremiah’s anguished cry as he considered the suffering of his people. Life was bad. Jerusalem had been destroyed and its citizens carried off to Babylon. Those left behind had resorted to cannibalism—mothers eating their own children to survive (2:20). Jeremiah laments that his suffering “is bitter beyond words,” but he grasps a glimmer of hope when he remembers that “the faithful love of the Lord never ends” and “His mercies begin afresh each morning” (3:19-23).

Actually, the Lord’s mercies don’t merely begin each morning, they are each morning. Psalm 104 praises God for faithfully tending His diverse creation. The routine events of nature—are all directed by God’s powerful hand. “When You give them Your breath, life is created, and You renew the face of the earth” (v.30).

The clockwork consistency of nature on your worst day is a reminder that God cares. Take it as a sign that God loves you. He’s not debilitated by His grief for you, but is preserving your life until the morning when His mercies will begin afresh.

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29 Responses to “does anyone care?”

  1. mysavinggrace says:

    Thank you so much Mike. I really needed this. I’m having a very bad day and I was about to be overwhelmed by my problems and worries. I know my Redeemer loves me and care for me. There is nothing too great that He cannot overcome.

    • julienuzzo says:

      this may be slightly off the subject, but can anyone provide any insight to my question? If God says to always pray and never give up, that we can ask anything in Jesus name, and He will grant our requests, then how are we supposed to know when He is saying no, or not yet? How do we know when God says it’s over?

      • Soldier4Christ says:

        julienuzzo, it is all in God’s time. Today most people live wanting everything to be instant and fast. We don’t want to have to wait for a response to a question, or our computers to boot up or a program to start or answers from God. First we have to understand that He also tells us that we must be obedient to Him, committed to Him and that we need to be seeking His will in all things, in other words “seek ye first the kingdom of God and then all these things shall be added unto you.” Then we have to understand that not all things that we pray for are in our own best interest and that when God answers prayer He will always be looking out for what is best for us. We need to pray and then give it up to God trusting that He has heard your prayer and will answer it, but in His time, not ours. I hope and pray that this is of some help to you.

      • Ciera says:

        Julienuzzo I understand what you mean.
        I am going through problems with that myself. One minute I think God says no then yes one second later. My Bible never ceases to confuse me. So I sit here and wonder what exactly I am supposed to do because I can’t figure out what God says to do and am terrified if I choose the wrong thing some giant lightening bolt is going to strike me dead. Especially when we think we need an answer urgently this is frustrating.
        I do not know the anwer but
        I will pray for you.

  2. cspevacek says:

    I agree there are days when it seems that life has given us more than we can handle, but after I waste time in worry and fretting then I finally turn to the one source that is always there for me. Even if the situation does not magically go away I DO NOT have to go it alone! That in itself is enough to get my motor started each morning.

  3. kiadan2000 says:

    thanks for sharing this … it’s very uplifting. when my son died at 2 months old, when my marriage failed 6 years ago, when my mother died last year December and when everything went upside down for me … and i was overwhelmed by all the problems that i have … i tend to surrender and almost gave up … but God is more than awesome and merciful to let me get through. i still don’t have the idea on what lies ahead of me … maybe more struggles to come and more problems to face … but i know that my God is able to do more great things in my life and will lead me through.

  4. cuddles says:

    My faith should be stronger than it is, the country

    where I live the future looks brighter, but there is still

    so much negativity in people including myself. I need

    to let go of the past in order to face the future. Please

    pray for me to do this. I ask you to pray for I realize my

    faith is weak.

  5. mike wittmer says:

    mysavinggrace and kiadan:

    I pray that you will feel God’s embrace in the sunshine of this day (it’s sunny where I am). Know that the Jesus who wept at Lazarus’ tomb is holding you in his arms.

  6. mike wittmer says:


    I don’t think that we can say it’s over until it’s actually over. As long as the person is alive, there is hope for healing; as long as our ex-spouse has not remarried, there is hope for reconciliation. Jesus tells us to persistently ask, seek, and knock (Matt. 7), so we never have to apologize for doing so. I don’t know why God doesn’t always give us the good bread and fish that we ask for, but he tells us that we should keep knocking and tell him that we are not satisfied with what seems to be nothing more than a snake or a stone. Unanswered prayer is a large and difficult question–the best I can say is that God’s shoulders are big enough to handle it, and he invites us to tell him exactly how we feel.

    • julienuzzo says:

      Thank you to all who provided not only insight, but comfort to me. Your kind words and prayers are much appreciated and i will keep them close to my heart. Know that you are in my prayers as well.

  7. Soldier4Christ says:

    Reading this devotion and then reading the responses I think that we all can relate to having gone through hard times. Times when we pray and it seems that God isn’t listening to our prayers. Times when it seems our closest friends aren’t there to lend support. When in truth our God never leaves us or forsakes us. He is faithful in good times and bad. Those are the times that we need to lean on Him and not our own understanding. If we wait upon the Lord He will see us through no matter what the situation in our lives, all in His time. For He alone knows what is best for us in every situation.

  8. msumalabe says:

    this is quite timely, as earlier this day i have been praying to the Lord for comfort and guidance over this situation that my husband and i are going through. reading this message and all the comments has reminded me of the Lord’s faithfulness and His steadfast love. i am assured that in these tough times, He will never leave us nor forsake us.

    thank you mike, and thank you everyone.

  9. cuddles says:


    Thank you for your reassurance I have been


    to Lynda Randle sing God on the Mountain and it is

    very uplifting. I would like to direct this to

    Mike who sounds like he has always sunny days

    spare a thought for those who are desperately

    seeking God in an ungodly world. If we have doubts

    at time surely it is truthful to express it.

  10. Paul G says:

    Oh the mystery of seemingly unanswered prayer. At times we are called to trust even when the answer is delayed a very long time.

  11. F.O.C.U.S. says:

    It’s very humbling reading these posts. My heart goes out to my Christian brothers and sisters who are struggling wth such heavy burdens.
    Toady, I finished my first ever full marathon. I’m sitting with the laptop on my very VERY sore legs!!! There were moments today that i seriously wanted – and had – to stop. I realsed however that these moments would only end when I decided to start moving again towards the finish line – however slowly or UNgraciously!!
    I knew the finish line was there and just had to dig deep to keep going – seeing family at the end really made it worth it and I suspect heaven will more than compensate for anything we ever face. I hope everyone remembers Rom 8:28 and trusts God. Yours rother in Christ.

    • tom felten says:

      FOCUS, congrats on completing your first marathon. Your perseverance in running reminds me of our goal to finish well in life! (2 Timothy 4:7). The reason to keep going, to finish well, to not give up is all found in a caring God who loves us and is there for us.

  12. F.O.C.U.S. says:

    Thanks Tom.
    Your words are a real encouragement.

  13. dg says:

    I will admit… I have felt and still feel at times like God doesn’t care. I just don’t understand anymore. I am a Christian, and have been since I was 12yrs, but have really been struggling with this for awhile now.

    It seems like no matter how hard I struggle/hustle to make a better life for myself and give back to those who have done so much for me, something always happens to completely stop me in my tracks. As if success is not allowed…

    Honestly, we all try to grasp a glimmer of hope when things are beyond us… I just would like to see the “hope” or “mercies” that Lamentations speak of, or have my eyes opened to seeing it.

    I’m sorry for the candidness, but I do believe honestly in faith is important. I come here to know I’m not alone…

    • omolola says:

      You are definitely not alone. I also feel like that a lot of times and it’s comforting to read my bible and find comments that echo my feelings of frustration, anger and hurt e.g. Jeremiah’s complaints to God and some of the Psalms.

      I think one thing God must have really liked about David was that he was never too afraid or too hurt to turn to God; no matter what he was going through or how he was feeling, he simply stated his thoughts honestly and also if you notice, he almost always ends his psalms with thanksgiving and acknowledgment of God’s love and sovereignty.

      I am learning to rejoice always. I try to count my blessings (all the things i have that others wish they had including all the painful experiences i’ve gone through) and it always helps to shift my perspective from my feelings to God’s faithfulness. That’s when i truly feel the peace of God that passes all understanding. Although fear and anxiety usually creep in minutes later, i just keep trying to repeat the process.

      Something else that helps me is imagining eternity with God minus all the fear, worries and pain. I’ll probably live long enough to be 80 years if i’m lucky but that is so small compared to eternity so no matter what i go through here, i tell myself “it’s only for a short while.” Trying to encourage others going through the same situations will also help to encourage you.

      It’s not always easy but we are in a battle and just because the battlefield has shifted to our minds doesn’t mean what we’re going through is any less serious than what the early Christians faced so just keep fighting and holding on to God no matter what because in just a little while, we’ll be home forever.

  14. F.O.C.U.S. says:

    Dear dg,

    You are not alone. It’s 04.30 where I am and I decided to rise early today and I read your post. This is my committment – I’m going to pray for you. My dear friend, in the body of Christ, if you’re hurting then so am I.
    You wrote:

    I will admit… I have felt and still feel at times like God doesn’t care. I just don’t understand anymore. I am a Christian, and have been since I was 12yrs, but have really been struggling with this for awhile now.

    There’s a sound of bitter disappointment in your words. I’ve known those feelings too so i will try hard to avoid cliche’s in my answer because I know they don’t help. What I can say though is that at those times when I’ve spoken like that I have been like Peter when he walked on the water to Christ and took his eyes off Jesus to look at the waves. All he knew (and felt) was that he was sinking and the waves became bigger than his Master. His FEELINGS took over from his FAITH.

    I too believe in being candid – I liked your comment about honesty – and respect it too. Perhaps the Lord has more trials ahead for you but I KNOW that these can be ULTIMATELY for your good that you may reach heaven with a faith that is strong and has been tested in its character. There are simply no shortcuts to this process and to be honest I’m more worried about the Christain who thinks he struggles with nothing.
    Keep your eyes on your Saviour – be honest with him as todays devotional mentions – but remember too his almighty power and love for you. All these trials WILL one day pass (Isaiah 40:8)
    It’s hard I know but I have seen his promise of Psalm 84:11 realised in the lives of several truly devoted believers who have (and are) suffering to this very day. May the Lord bring you times of refreshing soon.

  15. Glochy says:

    My sisters /brothers in the lord, i read your comments, they are all encouraging but i wanna ship in something i have noticed through life experiences. No matter what i’m passing through, God provides a source of consolation always; I must surely see something to thank the Lord for. For example, there was a time i was very sick, i couldn’t work,cook or take care of my family but God gave me an understanding and loving husband who assisted me,he financially provide for my family and gave me the grace that saw me through. It all could have been worse.
    So one thing is sure, no matter what we all are passing through, let us look around we must surely see something to thank God for. It could have been worse for us. God is ever faithful.

  16. vkovervold says:

    I have been a Christian since I was a young adult, but I have also always been a very emotional person. I know all about giving our worries over to God and try my very best to do that, but have yet to master it. I am going through a particularly hard time right now and I feel as if I will just fall apart at the seams at any given moment. I have been told it’s a matter of not having enough faith in God, which makes me feel like a failure as a Christian. I “know” that God is in control; why can I not feel it at times like this? Prayers would be much appreciated.

  17. unionwife says:

    Thank you. I needed this today.

    Dia sinn a choinneáil i pailme a láimhe agus faoi na maintlín ar a ghrá.

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