Psalm 37:1-9
Trust in the Lord and do good. Then you will live safely in the land and prosper (v.3).


Read Psalm 37 and note: God’s timing and God’s action.


How would you describe your anticipation that God is up to something good in your world? Where can you see God’s good activity?

Last April in Johannesburg, South Africa, large crowds lined up to purchase tickets to the World Cup—the first Cup ever to be held in the African continent. One man (the 565th person in line) passed away as he waited to purchase tickets. A FIFA official told reporters that there was a “massive demand for tickets.” Energy and excitement had struck the continent, as ecstatic fans eagerly awaited soccer’s greatest tournament.

Scripture tells us that God’s people are waiting. Waiting for God to make wrong right, to heal what is wounded, and to awaken to life that which is dead. And the Scripture tells us that this waiting isn’t in vain. Our hopes aren’t based in a fairytale. Our deepest hopes will be fulfilled. Something good is coming. The psalmist tells us that the world we know pits the wicked (those who refuse God) against the righteous (those who find their hope in God). It often seems to us as though the wicked do well, while the righteous suffer.

The psalmist, however, insists that the story’s end will be much different. The wicked will “fade away,” but those who trust (find hope in) the Lord will receive their “heart’s desires” (Psalm 37:2,4).

The difficulty for us is to trust that God’s promise is true. When those with power exploit the weak, when the political machine chews up the helpless, and when those bent on arrogance and selfishness and unscrupulous profit always seem to win, it requires deep faith to remain confident in God’s ultimate triumph. It requires immense courage to resist the lie that we must join the ranks of the wicked in order to find fulfillment. Yet God tells us to “wait patiently for Him to act” (Psalm 37:7).

God will act. Something good is coming.

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7 Responses to “something good”

  1. jstabel says:

    Halleluyah!!! His words are always timely-let the wicked prosper but its only for a while.With this in mind-‘they that wait on the Lord’,why should I fret? Its beautiful to know God and His words.

  2. eppistle says:

    God may be slow, but He’s never late. The delayed gratifaction of waiting on Him, far exceeds the immediate gratifaction of opening our cacoons prematurely. One of the most obvious examples is the Christian who gets into a romantic relationship with somebody who doesn’t love God, because they’re tired of waiting. In more than one way, “true love waits.”

  3. lindagma says:

    Because we live in a “things” oriented world, having “things” paint a picture of success. Hard to get away from that. But…how many times have we heard stories of people who “had everything” and were miserable…or their “things” were ill gotten and at the expense of others. Happiness comes from within. A feeling of well being…a closeness with God to see you through whatever life brings. Every time I hear of a non-Christian funeral my heart aches for the families who have no hope. Understanding true rewards and a blessed life lies in knowing and trusting a loving Heavenly Father and a Savior who gave us His all.

  4. lyndygayle says:

    I am blessed to be able to read the wisdom in the devotional but sometimes even more so…by the people that comment. You have blessed my heart today, Chileshe and Lindagma.

  5. AManofGod says:

    I used to wonder why sometimes God would let good people go through trials and tribulations and bad people would seem to prosper. My mom used to say that “God allows the sun to shine on sinners AND saints alike” but that never really seemed to answer my question. I am starting to realize that God has His own timing to make thing right and even though that “timing” may not coincide with “my” timing I know His plan is best!

    To wait on God is to know that true justice will always prevail!


  6. mysavinggrace says:

    Many times, I was told to do the “lrightl” thing. Yet, it seemed like God had other plans. I thank God that I had followed His way instead of listening to worldly wisdom. Though it seemed like I was crazy, those “crazy” plans of God unfolded into something absolutely beautiful. I learnt that I should always trust in Him no matter how difficult it is because He knows best.

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