divine design

divine design


Colossians 1:15-20
He made the things we can see and the things we can’t see (v.16).


Read Genesis 1:3 and John 1:3-4. What two kinds of light has Jesus brought us by His divine design?


What comes to mind when you hear the words intelligent design? How has science encouraged you in your faith in Jesus?

Intelligent design. It’s hard to go a day without encountering that phrase, and here’s why. The more scientists study matter like molecular DNA—the building block of life—the more it points to a Creator. As Dr. Stephen Meyer, author of Signature in the Cell, writes, “The best, most causally adequate explanation for the origin of the specified, digitally encoded information in DNA is that it . . . had an intelligent source.” Intelligent design = divine design.

It’s not surprising that the more scientists study what can’t be seen by the human eye, the more they see the fingerprints of God (Colossians 1:15). Paul stated, in what likely were lyrics of an early church hymn, the reality of Christ being behind DNA and every other part of creation. He wrote, “Through [Jesus] God created everything in the heavenly realms and on earth” (Colossians 1:16).

Those words were significant for the believers in the church at Colosse, for they were dealing with false teachers who taught that angelic mediators were doing what only Jesus can do. But they also help us address the attacks by secular scientists against the Christian faith today. For, Paul says, “He made the things we can see and the things we can’t see” (Colossians 1:16).

Woven into every strand of DNA is the divine work of Jesus, the One who “holds all creation together” (Colossians 1:17). He is our confidence, our hope, and the source of every created thing. And as we look at His amazing creation, we—like the Colossians—are able to stand for the truth found in His Word. Attacks on what we believe are to be expected, but they pale in the light of Jesus’ reality (Colossians 2:8). Be encouraged! The more we sharpen the lens on even the tiniest parts of God’s creation, the better we see His divine design.

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35 Responses to “divine design”

  1. Human Ape says:

    Colossians 1:17 says nothing about DNA. Why not?

    When Dr. Stephen Meyer invokes “intelligent source” he is invoking supernatural magic. Real scientists don’t invoke magic to solve scientific problems.

    You belong to an anti-science religion. How much longer do you think that’s going to last in a world of never ending scientific discoveries?

    • Wiggy says:

      Human Ape would, I presume, share Friedrich Nietzsche’s vision of man as “a rope stretched across the abyss between ape and superman”.

      In his naturalist, materialist view of things, how does Human Ape account for truth, love and their antitheses, falsehood and hatred? Are all such categories nothing but human constructs and therefore illusions? Can science operate in a world where nothing can be “absolutely true”?

      Nietzsche realised that a universe where God is dead is one where “there are no moral facts” – where we must go “beyond good and evil” into an ever-evolving ethic where yesterday’s evil passions evolve into today’s virtues and the will to power is the only virtue and kindness, mercy and compassion are vices set against the course of Nature – a Nature founded on that “blind, pitiless indifference” Prof. Dawkins wrote of in one of his earlier works.

      I would be interested to hear Human Ape’s account of human intelligence – its nature and its origins. Does he, unlike King Lear, believe that “something will come of nothing”? Why should we trust human reason and intelligence? Is it nothing but a part of a mindless evolutionary process which places us in the same family tree as unicellular organisms?

      With Tom Felten, I believe mankind is created in the image and likeness of a supremely intelligent, supremely good and true God. Feuerbach’s alternative vision of a God created after man’s image and likeness is to me the same delusion as the “insight” of the psychotic who believes he is God Almighty!

  2. lindagma says:

    So Sad to hear comments like this…but it’s the world in which we live. Jesus said that we would be criticized just like He was. It is beyond my comprehension how anyone can look at a tiny newborn and deny that there is a God but I have family members that do. Countless scientists have “discovered” God through their discoveries…they are the blessed ones. Truthfully, it is a pre-occupation of man with himself that cannot let go of the Darwin theory. Perhaps most don’t know, but Darwin came to the conclusion that evolution was impossible and turned to God before he died. There are brilliant scientists who will tell you that evolution is not a valid theory and in the same breath say “never-the-less” I choose to believe it. They find it so impossible to believe that man is not responsible for himself and a supreme being so distasteful that they cling to something that they KNOW is impossible. They are blinded by “SELF”. Sadly, there will come a day when they will come face to face with Jesus…and it will be too late. Anyone interested in a fabulous series on this, Focus on the Family has one called “The Truth Project.” VERY enlightening!

  3. Human Ape says:

    “Perhaps most don’t know, but Darwin came to the conclusion that evolution was impossible and turned to God before he died.”

    I’m very sorry to disappoint you but that’s a myth. Please use google to look it up.

    “Truthfully, it is a pre-occupation of man with himself that cannot let go of the Darwin theory.”

    Again I’m sorry to disappoint you but the reason biologists don’t throw out evolution is because the evidence which has been accumulating for 152 years is now more powerful than ever and growing faster than ever. Perhaps if Christians spent some time studying evolution instead of lying about it, they might learn something.

  4. Daren says:

    “Human Ape”, thanks for your insight. I even clicked on the link you provided to see what it was about. I did get an eyeful!

    Scientists are discovering different species of plants and animals almost everyday, which is great. However, in watching different television programs (nature shows) there are things even they cannot explain.

    Religion isn’t anti-science. There are plenty of things that scientests do that we as Christians applaud and even support. Cancer and AIDS are just two of the many devasting illnesses that plague people everyday yet, we trust, believe and support the research that scientists do in trying to find a cure. Yes, we pray to God and ask for a cure for those and many other diseases as well.

    I pray that you would see that the Christian religion isn’t escapism, nor or is it the blind leading the blind. It is about giving our lives to Jesus, who gave His life for us. Serving others as He served us. Sacrificing as He sacrificed for us. Praising the Almighty God and thanking Him for His mercy and His grace.

  5. GrowinginChrist says:

    Man was created in the image of God. We did not evolve from apes. If we were, why aren’t we still evolving into something else? We cannot cause we were created in His image. Science can only go as far as God will allow it to go. It is only by God’s divine grace that He has allowed science to progress and man to discover some of the things that God already knows about. Some things man will never be able to understand because God will not allow it. It will be something that our feeble minds would not be able to understand.

  6. Human Ape says:

    Daren, I’m sorry but if a religion denies evolution, which is the foundation of biology, that religion is extremely anti-science.

    You might be interested to know that it’s partly thanks to knowledge of evolution that makes medical research possible. You are denying the science that may save your life some day.

    I suppose your Jesus is a nice hobby but I’m not interested in giving my life to anyone or anything. Freedom is a wonderful thing and I plan to continue to be free instead of being a slave for an imaginary god.

    You Christians don’t know what you’re missing. The history of life as explained by science is many thousands of times more interesting than the gibberish in Genesis.

    I will try to not bother you nice people again. Thanks for letting me publish comments here.

  7. mike wittmer says:

    Paul Johnson has written an interesting book called “Intellectuals,” in which he notes that the vast majority of public skeptics of theism in the nineteenth and twentieth century have been prolifically immoral. He asks whether their atheism is intellectually honest and unbiased or if their sexually illicit lifestyles have compelled them to look for reasons not to believe in God and his absolute moral system. He even quotes some who concede as much.

  8. Human Ape says:

    OK, one more time then I got other things to do today.

    GrowinginChrist wrote “Man was created in the image of God. We did not evolve from apes. If we were, why aren’t we still evolving into something else?”

    Sorry but you got that backwards. God was created in the image of man.

    We most certainly did evolve from ancient (and now extinct) apes. That’s a basic scientific fact supported by massive powerful evidence from several branches of science. It’s virtually impossible to find any biologist outside of a Bible college who denies this most important fact of science. Also, we are still apes. Humans are one of the modern ape species as are chimps, gorillas, and orangutans.

    Natural selection works when there’s a lot of dying because creatures who don’t have what it takes to survive long enough in a changing environment to reproduce do not pass on their inferior genes to the next generation. In the 21st century thanks to scientific progress virtually everyone lives until they’re very old. It’s not like six million years ago when there were plenty of opportunities for natural selection to do its thing. It was thanks to natural selection the brain size of our ancestors very gradually became larger. It was thanks to natural selection our ancestors gradually became better at walking upright, which made running to successfully hunt possible. Our ancestors who were able to score a meal were able to pass their genes on to the next generation. That’s natural selection. It’s also called reality.

  9. cricket41 says:

    human ape sorry to disappoint you but you have it backwards as far as your comment about god being created in image of man. WE were created in the image of GOD, and that includes you. Why are you in this forum if you don’t believe? What are you searching for? Why don’t you ask God to show Himself to you? He (God) will hear you. I will be praying for you….

  10. pjp says:

    tnx Tom for sharing the insight, very encouraging. Jesus is Lord overall. God bless you.

  11. tom felten says:

    Great discussion today! Thanks so much for posting your thoughts. Human Ape, I’m glad you’ve joined in the discussion. It’s great to discuss what we believe to be true about faith and science without getting involved in personal attacks or using demeaning terms for others. Let’s continue to discuss intelligent design which I firmly believe reveals God and His reality.

  12. tom felten says:

    One community member sent the following comments via email:

    “Hello! I couldn’t get the form to work for some reason, but here’s my comment: Hope its not too long! ‘To suppose that the eye with all its inimitable contrivances for adjusting the focus to different distances, for admitting different amounts of light, and for the correction of spherical and chromatic aberration, could have been formed by natural selection, seems, I freely confess, absurd in the highest degree.’ – Charles Darwin

    “The quote above illustrates Darwin revoking evolution as impossible because of the amazing (God-inspired) complexity of an organ as seemingly simple as the eye.

    “In my view, the evidence for evolution is often very ambiguous in that it can easily be taken to support intelligent design. Consider a widely supported claim of evidence for evolution: Homologous Anatomy. This is saying that, because, structurally, whales, birds, humans, etc, all have similar bone structures, we all must have evolved form the same (now nonexistent) animal. I believe that this supports intelligent design as well; it seems rational that God would form his creation similarly.

    “Also- evolution in the sense of believing that we evolved is very different than believing in change over time. As a Christian, I believe in change over time within species, but I cannot accept that new species are being created through this change. If this were occurring, wouldn’t we see the in-between species still around? Where are they?

    “Scientists have been very wrong in the past. Just consider the ‘credible’ science of Eugenics that was taught by the most renowned scientists all over the world. Professors at Princeton, Cambridge, and Yale preached it as better for society. We now know how wrong they were.
    Who’s to say they aren’t wrong again? —Sydney”

  13. mike wittmer says:

    Human Ape:

    Thanks for your respectful comments. We all have things to do today, so don’t feel that you have to respond, but I would ask you to consider the implications of your belief (which is admittedly held by most people in our culture). How does natural selection ground morality and thought?

    If it is true, then why would you trust your mind? Natural selection teaches that beliefs which give survival advantage persisted, but survival advantage is not the same thing as aimed at truth (e.g., people who falsely believed the earth is flat may have survived longer than those who foolishly sailed too far out to sea).

    And if natural selection is true, then on what basis could you say that the Holocaust was wrong? We know in our heart that it is, but natural selection/survival of the fittest undercuts the ground for such beliefs.

    So while many think that natural selection explains the natural world, it actually undercuts much of what we all take for granted and depend on to survive. If it undercuts rationality, then it undercuts the reasonableness of its own position, and thus is self-refuting.

  14. Human Ape says:

    For some reason, perhaps because my comment was too long, I was not able to publish here my replies to Tom Felten and Mike Wittner. I ask them, if they don’t mind, to visit this website for what I was trying to say here.

  15. mike wittmer says:

    Human Ape:

    Well this is a fine mess! You can’t post here and for some reason I couldn’t post on your site. So here is my response to your blog (this is getting confusing–maybe each of our sites is “naturally selecting out” the other’s comments?)

    You are right that natural processes per se “say nothing about reality,” but I noticed that you realize this is not enough, for your last paragraph does attempt to explain the existence of morality in a world of, to use Richard Dawkins’ phrase, “unguided natural selection.” I also notice that you do not give a sufficient ground for morality, but simply say that chimps and people know better than to hurt each other.

    My question is why this is true, or how do they know this? If you accept the truth of unguided natural selection, then how could you ever tell someone that they are wrong for trying to kill you? If doing so improves their survival advantage, then you may not like it, but they certainly aren’t wrong.

    • Human Ape says:

      They aren’t going to last very long in a civilized country if they kill people for the fun of it. We have police departments for a good reason.

      How do I tell someone is wrong to be uncivilized, or how does person decide for himself or herself that getting along with everyone is in their best interest?

      It’s the responsibility of parents to be a good example for their children. For example I noticed my father would always stop for a motorist having a problem. He even helped put out a car fire at great risk to himself. That’s the kind of people both of my parents were, and I have been trying to be like them. I found out why they helped people every chance they could. They were doing it mostly for their own benefit, because I noticed whenever I go out of my way to help a stranger, I have pleasant memories of that experience for a lifetime. Being willing to do these things shows that for those moments I had some value, I did something another person was grateful for. My point is being nice is a natural characteristic of our species, whether or not they believe in any gods. (I also have a dark side which you will discover if you spend some time at my blog.)

      My blog by the way has required a google account to write a comment there, but right now I’m going to at least temporarily allow comments from anyone.

  16. eppistle says:

    Intelligent Design is not merely a object for interesting discussion, but even more should be a motivation for wonder and worship. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpChZxPfa-cdiscussion

  17. Mr_Firstman says:

    only God Himself can ever explain what He really is and what He really does.

  18. zero_g says:

    Looks like I missed a good discussion today. Human Ape is the kind of person we as Christians are trying to reach. But I hate to say it, Mr. Felton, but the insistance of bringing science into theology just makes our task all the more difficult. We has Christians have been tasked with spreading the good news. By treating the Bible as a science text book we are making a big mistake, and I firmly believe this is where we get it wrong. How does finding God’s ‘fingerprint’ in the mysteries of science, help spread the good word? There are so many other parts of the Bible which don’t fall under so much scrutiny, but are more powerful in terms of getting someone to believe. I became a believer when I was 44, and trust me, before then, I couldn’t get past the first book of the Old Testament. It took people testifying as to the power of the belief in God which made me a believer. It surely wasn’t an interpretation of an interpretation of a voice heard by a prophet who didn’t even know the earth revolved around the sun to convince me that we are all part of a something extremely good.

  19. tom felten says:

    zero_g,as always, thank you for your insights. Please understand that I do believe faith and science intersect. The reason is simple: God established faith and He created all things in the natural world . . . in the universe! As Paul wrote in Romans 1:20, “For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see His invisible qualities—His eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God.” The Bible is so much greater than a science textbook, it’s the living Word of our Creator and Sustainer.

  20. Human Ape says:

    Mr. felten wrote “The Bible is so much greater than a science textbook, it’s the living Word of our Creator and Sustainer.”

    What I’m concerned about is “greater than a science textbook” which I translate to mean “greater than scientific progress”. Scientific progress = human progress, and I think that’s a good thing, the most important thing I can imagine because the future of our species and every other species depends on it.

    Our planet is being trashed. I have lost count of the number of endangered species. Natural environments are being destroyed. Oceans, lakes, and rivers polluted, tropical forests burned down, etc.

    What can save us from more disasters is science. Not God, science. God, if you want to believe in that creature who never shows itself, even if it was real, is never going to help us save our planet from complete destruction. Only our hard work and scientific progress can accomplish that.

    I’m worried there are too many people who use the Bible to pretend the entire universe was magically created just for us. For us to do what we want with it. Even completely ruin it for future generations.

    The biologists are working hard to save endangered species. It’s their knowledge that can get the job done. What are Christians doing when they’re not denying the foundation of biology? From here it looks like they are just praising a god-man who died 20 centuries ago. Instead of planning for the future of this planet, they want to live in the ancient past.

  21. cricket41 says:

    good morning human ape. So glad that you are still searching for answers (seek and you shall find). I truly understand how you feel. I felt the same way before accepting Jesus Christ, and what you are saying about the earth is true. I came to the understanding that it is not God who is causing all of this ugliness on the earth it is us, man. I believe God can put a stop to it, and maybe that is in the works. Many times in bible I have read where natural disasters have happened whether it be for a miracle, or punishment. The red sea was parted, but you read that before it was parted it sounds like i was reading that there were hurricane like conditions, winds that were holding the water until the people crossed over. Then sodom and gomorah where everything got destroyed, sounded to me like they had a volcano. These are what I thought sounded like happened. Also there was a time when people were giants for awhile. How about the stars and God knows each one by name? In my house (jesus house) are many mansions, could these be the stars that we see shining? I don’t know just my intake. The human brain that is able to make decisions whether good or bad, animals cannot make decisions, they go by their instincts. Anyway I am not a educated person by the books, but was so desparate to understand, and was petrified of living in hell for the rest of eternity, so made a decision to understand God, and Christ, and thru learning and reading I came to believe. You have to admit that all of life and earth could not have just appeared out of nothing? Now that thought to me sounds like escaping reality? I hope I have made some sense to you.

  22. Human Ape says:

    Mr. Felton from your wonderofcreation: “The difference between people and nature”.

    That bugs me a lot because people are part of nature, not separate from it.

    I know Christians believe a god magically created people out of nothing to be completely separate from nature. According to Christianity the human apes on this planet are god’s favorite species in the entire vast universe. Let’s throw out all common sense and say that’s a valid idea.

    Normal people, also known as atheists, understand reality so they know we are part of nature. (Ken Miller, a Catholic, described this reality better than any atheist ever did: “We not only live in a natural world, but we are part of it, we emerged from it, or more accurately, we emerged with it.”)

    I’m going to pretend both ideas are equally valid, even though there’s only one version of reality and that version does not have any magic in it.

    My question is, who is more likely to respect nature, normal people who understand they are part of nature, or Christians who think they are completely separate from nature?

    I would say, in general, the people who know they are part of nature are more likely to respect nature instead of destroying nature or not caring about it.

    I think that’s extremely logical. If it’s “people versus everything else”, some people are going to say we are more important than every other creature, therefore we are not going to worry about their existence when it’s inconvenient for us.

    Also, like I wrote earlier, it’s the biologists who love evolution who are doing more than anyone else to save endangered species. An example were these young people I recently met on a Florida beach. They were going out of their way to protect sea turtle eggs under the sand on that beach. They were all biologists and none of them were religious.

    The truth is Christians may talk about saving the planet, but it’s the atheist biologists who are actually doing something about it. And their scientific research is extremely important for this goal to save other creatures from extinction. Meanwhile Christians sure spend a lot of time denying the foundation of biology which is evolution.

    By the way, I got to highly recommend Ken Miller’s radio speech which can be read and/or listened to on this website. Even if you disagree with him, everyone should listen because he speaks eloquently, and because he’s brilliant. His only character flaw is he’s not a normal person (aka atheist).

    • tom felten says:

      Human Ape, you wrote, “in general, the people who know they are part of nature are more likely to respect nature instead of destroying nature or not caring about it.” Please know that God has made it clear in His Word (The BIble) that human beings are definitely a part of creation. The difference is that people are made in God’s image (Genesis 1:27). We therefore have certain qualities that no other creatures in nature possess. With these qualities comes a calling—to be the careful, loving stewards of all of God’s creation (Genesis 2:15). Although we are different from the other created things (Psalm 8:4-8), we are to see the high value that God places on His creation (Genesis 1:25). So, I respectfully ask you to consider which worldview should lead to more of a genuine concern for all of nature—seeing creation as a gift of God to be treasured and carefully take care of, or seeing the natural world as something that came about by chance and is based in the survival of the fittest? Truly knowing and loving God leads one to lovingly care for all of His creation.

  23. Human Ape says:

    cricket41 wrote “So glad that you are still searching for answers”

    The search is over with. While I will forever be learning more about the natural world, after several years of studying science, I feel confident I have a reasonable understanding of how solar systems develop and how life can get a foothold on a planet and how that life can evolve and branch into millions of different species.

    I have no need for your abracadabra magic (The red sea was parted, etc.) But thanks anyway.

  24. AManofGod says:

    Human Ape,

    I have spent the last day or so “digesting” your lengthy posts to this site. You said to cricket41 that your search for knowledge was over and you knew all you needed to know about the solar system from your [limited] several years of studying science. I have studied science for over 20 years and have a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and will have a Master’s degree in Environmental Management in a few months. If I have learned anything in my years of study it’s that I am VERY VERY far from being all knowing. Your claim that your search for knowledge is over shows that you don’t know nearly as much as you think you do.

    If you truly think you are that knowledgeable why would you come to this site and espouise your views? Are you trying to convince us that you are a god……or are you trying to convince yourself?

    Either way I’ll pray for your eyes to be opened.


  25. Wiggy says:

    Dear Human Ape,

    As a Christian, I share your deep distaste for magic. The very phrase “Abracadabra” [which sounds like the Hebrew for "I create as I speak"] is a blasphemous parody of the Bible’s contention that God alone is the Creator. Classic magic is about an attempt obtain power over the natural world by worshipping nature and seeking an alliance with a “parallel universe” of supernatural beings.

    The same Bible which celebrates God as Creator categorically rejects the occult world of magic as intrinsically evil. However, “miracles” or “signs” such as Creation and the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth from the dead are altogether in a different class to magic.

    The idea that science alone provides a full and accurate account of everything was rejected long ago by Aldous Huxley – a free thinker and scientist who was not a Christian:

    “… many men of science have come to realise that the scientific picture of the world is a partial one – the product of their special competence in mathematics and their special incompetence to deal systematically with aesthetic and moral values, religious experiences and intuitions of significance. …” (Huxley, Ends and Means, Chatto & Windus, 1937, p. 269). In the same book, Huxley also makes the astounding statement that even science itself is “based upon and act of faith…” (p. 258)!

    Human Ape, you share the courage of Thomas Huxley, Aldous Huxley’s ancestor. He too felt honoured to claim descent from an ape, and used this sentiment to good effect in rejoinder to his debating opponent, Bishop Wilberforce!

    I am glad you have entered this blog forum. No truth of any worth will suffer from being tested in the court of reasoned and gentlemanly debate.

  26. Human Ape says:

    A Man of God, I’m wondering what part of “I will forever be learning more about the natural world” you don’t understand?

    Also, how exactly does “a reasonable understanding” equal “you knew all you needed to know”?

    I wrote “The search is over with” only to discourage cricket41 from thinking I could ever believe in his dead Jesus. When a Christian says “search” they usually mean “looking for some excuse to believe in supernatural magic.”

    “why would you come to this site and espouise your views?”

    Because one of my bad habits is wasting my time. Also, there’s always a chance some Christian might join the 21st century instead of hiding in the everything-is-magic Dark Ages, and I would like to encourage that.

    Wiggy wrote “I share your deep distaste for magic.” and “God alone is the Creator.”

    When your imaginary god creature made people out of nothing, what kind of magic wand did it use?

    Creating an entire species out of nothing is magic. You can say you have distaste for magic but you can’t change the fact that you belong to an anti-science everything-is-magic religion.

    Being honest about your own beliefs is a good thing. Perhaps Christians don’t want to admit they believe in magic because they know magic is a childish idea.

    “He too felt honoured to claim descent from an ape”

    People developed from ancient apes and we are still apes. We are one of the modern ape species, which is a scientific fact you can find in any encyclopedia.

    I most certainly am proud to be an ape, and I’m proud to share an ancestor with the other modern ape species. Reality is extremely interesting and that’s why I love it.

    “No truth of any worth will suffer from being tested in the court of reasoned and gentlemanly debate.”

    Debates are meaningless and a waste of time and that’s not why I’m here. Instead I’m here to educate, to explain why Christians are wrong about everything.

    What determines truth is scientific evidence. Evolution has tons of it, and Christianity does not have one shred of it.

  27. cricket41 says:

    if life keeps evolving and changing then yes you will keep learning and searching. Why have the apes in the wild not changed, why are their offspring not changing? Who or what named us humans or man or women? can you tell me? Magical is man, spirituality is a real relationship with Jesus Christ. Religion is man made. Prove to me how all of these forms of life just came out of nowhere? and if you are so knowing and have it all figured out than you are saying that YOU are god? This world is going to go on and on (it’s going to keep changing). How is it that this earth is PERFECTLY on an axile, 1 teenie weenie inch and it would have been messed up? Why is it that every single human being on this planet has different fingerprints and dna? Explain this too me. Magic is withcraft, miracles and power and faith are from God, not man or human apes. By the way I love apes, and animals and this earth, it is beautiful. I have many wild animals that i take care of…

  28. cricket41 says:

    also human ape, there is truth to witchcraft, and magic and diviations, but as a christian we are to stay away from it. i wish I could remember where that is in the bible, maybe in dueteronomy?

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