point to Jesus

point to Jesus


John 6:60-69
Simon Peter replied, “Lord, to whom would we go? You have the words that give eternal life” (v.68).


To find out what God’s presence can mean in the midst of trying times, check out Psalm 16:11.


What have you been doing to try to find peace in your life? Why can true peace and hope be found only in Jesus?

Two days after my daughter purchased her first used car, it wouldn’t start. After fiddling with the battery, I tried hooking it back up. That was a big mistake. Little did I know that reattaching the battery cables would set off the most loud and obnoxious sounding car alarm I’ve ever heard (We didn’t even know it was installed on the car.)

Not a good way to score points with the neighbors at 10 p.m.

After frantically trying everything I could think of to make it stop, I disconnected the battery. Whew! Silence.

Still, I was at a complete loss as to why it happened. So I asked the man who sold us the car if he knew how to shut off the alarm. He didn’t, but He pointed me to the Internet. There I found a solution to hook up the battery and start the car without waking up the neighborhood.

The experience reminds me of how often I feel “at a loss” as a counselor. There are many times I’m deeply aware that I don’t have all the answers for the pain and commotion in a client’s life. But I know that I can point to the One who does.

Peter was a man who understood this. During a time when many of Jesus’ disciples were turning away and deserting Him, Jesus asked His 12 closest followers, “Are you also going to leave?” (John 6:67). Peter, apparently speaking for the rest of the group, said, “Lord, to whom would we go? You have the words that give eternal life” (John 6:68).

Jesus is the One to point to, especially when it seems that there is nowhere else to go. He alone can bring us real peace and hope as we experience the loud commotions of this world.

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33 Responses to “point to Jesus”

  1. Rebecca says:

    Indeed true that to find out what God’s presence can mean in the midst of trying times.

    I’m in depression for a long time and have been thinking suicide. It seem everything around me seen pointless to try and or hope for.

    I pray day and night, I have the impression that God has turn away from me.

    Pressure from work, home and endless problems have affirm my decision that ending my life is a right choice.

    • joehillomni says:

      Hey Rebecca! God never turns away from us and He never stops loving us. Don’t know if you are still online or not…I sure hope so. I don’t even know you and I care about you. Certainly our Father in heaven cares a million times more about you than me. Regardless of what life throws at us God will give us the strength to get thru if we will abide in Him

    • pampauley65 says:

      Rebecca, I was there most of 2010. But in December God lifted me up and brought me back to Him. Sometimes it is a matter of waiting and being patient until His time is right. It is very hard but trust that He loves you and has something good for you. I lost everything but God has shown me that I didn’t need it all, just Him. I will pray for you, but be patient and wait on the Lord. He will bring you through.

    • Blessaflav says:

      Hello my sister in Christ;

      I have prayed for you. Whatever, you do, DO NOT GIVE UP. God will never leave you or forsake. What helps me when I am feeling depressed is to think of all the good and positive things and people that are in my life.

      Write a gratitude list. I will still continue to pray for you my sister. I love you and may God bless you.

    • phebe says:

      My dear suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. The devil would for you to continue to believe that God has left you but indeed he is right there with. One of his promises is that “HE WOULD NEVER LEAVE YOU OR FORSAKE YOU”.Don”t you dare give up on God because he will never give up on you. I pray that HE will send laborers in the field however they come to minister the “LOVE OF GOD” to you. Honey, don”t believe the enemies lies or tactics, you may not see or feel him but actually he closer to you right now then you could ever imagine.HE IS A FRIEND THAT STICKS CLOSER THEN YOUR OWN BROTHER. We may never meet but I pray God”s very best for you and cannot have do not settle for anything less then his best. Read Jeremiah 29:11-14, ok? God Bless

    • daisymarygoldr says:


      God’s presence is in all these responses from people who have never known you. King David had also decided to die thinking God had turned away from him. But He trusted in God’s unfailing love (Ps 13). God has answered your prayers and is pouring out His love on you today. I pray and hope you will come back and talk…

    • adamant7800 says:

      Are you just gonna give up like that and let the devil take away your life and your soul too! Don’t even think about it! You better dust yourself off and understand that only fighters win the battle. People are put on this earth for a reason, and believe it or not your only problems exist because of social pressure from what it sounds like. Start spending time alone, and get to know yourself deep within, then you will see that the only problems that you are having are not issues of your own but peer issues. I want you to pray this prayer Rebecca:
      Heavenly father I ask you to remove from me the spirit if defeat, in jesus name, I ask you to strenghten my life in all aspects, in jesus name. Father God I ask you to relieve me of the strong hold that the devil has over me and my mind that is causing me to not want to live, in christ jesus name. Heavenly father I pray that you will give me fresh outlook on life, and renew my inner spirit and help it to match God’s will for my life, these things I ask in Jesus name, amen.

    • drummergirl says:


      I’ve been where you are, and felt what you feel.

      It’s not that you want to die, it’s that you want to stop hurting. Understood.

      Crucifixes exist for a reason: they remind us that Jesus is no stranger to pain and suffering. He did not and does not stand aloof from us as we endure pain; He is in it with us. Don’t let the pain you feel now persuade you that Jesus is not with you. He is there, suffering what you suffer, enduring what you endure.

      Where you are now is not easy. But it is endurable, as long as you allow Jesus to walk with you through it. He will if you ask Him. Also, let Him minister to you through His Body, the church. Go to your pastor or get a good Christian counselor to help you.

      You are not alone. We are all praying for you.

    • gr8ce2u says:

      I’m so sorry you are having these feelings. Remember, Rebecca, you were created for eternity and when Jesus turns to God and says it’s time to bring Rebecca home, then God will bring you home. That is the right choice because it will be God’s choice. You haven’t mentioned if you are a part of the body of believers. Have you told anyone about your decision. More importantly, have you spoke with God about this decision. Ask Him to see your suicide through His eyes. Ask Him to reveal Himself in a glorious way for your sake. He knows what you need, ask Him for it. If you ask, then when you receive, you will absolutely know it was from Him. Let God reveal His love for you and to you. Let Him show you who He is through the power of the Holy Spirit. Rebecca, you are God’s masterpiece..You are priceless! Reach out to grap God’s hand and allow Him to bring you out of the darkness and into the light. I will be praying for you. And I ask you please don’t get a head of God, as far as your life is concern. It is His decision when to bring you home. He says, there is a time to be born and a time to die…allow Him to make the decision, reach out to Him and cry out to Him, and remember, “He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion”.

    • pri1465 says:

      Hi Rebecca.

      God Loves you! Never doubt it for a second. People care about you. Like Joehillomni says I don’t know you & I care (from Sri Lanka a world away). All these messages from othere believers are God’s ways of showing you that he cares for you, His daughter rebecca. God, your Heavenly Father has a plan for your life.
      These are verses from the Bible that came to mind when praying for you just now. Keep affirming them
      1. “For I know the plans I have for you, declares
      the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to
      harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
      Jer 29:11

      2. But God keeps His promise and will not allow
      you to be tested beyond your power to remain
      firm at the time you are put to the test, He will
      give you the strenght to endure it and so provide
      you with a way out”
      1 Cor 10:13

      3. “We know that in all things God works for the
      good of those who love him,”
      Romans 8:28

      4. “I have the strength to face all conditions by the
      power that Christ gives me”
      Phil 4:13

      5. ” This is my command—
      Josh 1:9

      Think of the time you are going through now as gold being melted to take out all its impurities.

      What helps me when I am depressed is to count my blessings and name them one by one. I also think of of people I know who are worse off than me (and believe me there are many) and then my problems do not seems so magnified.


      Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.

      I will keep praying for you.

  2. cricket41 says:

    Hi Rebecca, I can feel your pain, and have been where you are, and it is not a nice place to be. God gave us life and only He decides when it is time to die. Please get someone you can talk to, so that you can renew the way that you think. I don’t know what is going on in your life, but death will not help it will only make matters worse for those left behind. Do you have children? are you married? Do you believe in Jesus Christ as your personnel saviour? I could not sleep and decided to get on computer. If you are awake you may send me more information about yourself…. I will be praying for you no matter what.

  3. cricket41 says:

    I can remember the day that I became grateful for life. I was out on deck enjoying nature, birds, lake, flowers, and all of a sudden thinking about my life, and how horrible it was, then I started thinking about how God knew me before I was born, and how He knew how many hairs were on my head, and how if He created me than He certainly had a plan for me. To me that became an honer to be here, especially if God knew me already and had plans for me. I was a very depressed person, and can still be, but that day I did a complete turn around, and really knew in my heart that God planned me for a reason, whether it be good or bad, there is a reason and I feel very blessed to be a part of it. Rebecca if you are reading this, know that God planned you and knew you before you were even born, He knows how many hairs are on your head. He also said that He would never leave us nor forsake us. He also does not give us anymore than we can handle. Fight that negativity going on in your head, and live one day at a time, just for today, you can do it!!!!!!!!!!

  4. goesy says:

    Dear Rebecca
    Pray The Lord’s Prayer . It begins with Our Father. God cares and God will be there for you. When I cannot pray I reread and concentrate on Psalm 23 and Psalm 91 Read these over and over. GOD loves you. I will be praying for you today. May GOD lift your spirit

  5. semica says:

    Both my parents have long struggled with depression. Recently my mom read a book “where is God in the Silence” and said it really helped change her perspective about things. She also found a new church which has really given her a new outlook on life. We will all be praying for you! Don’t give up

  6. alegria says:


    Cricket was referring to Psalm 139. It’s been one of my favorite chapters of the Bible for a long time because it helped me get out of a huge depression when I was young. God did put you here, now, for a reason. He loves you sooo much. Don’t give up. Many of us have felt like you do, and we’re praying for you.

  7. Clarence Wong says:

    No matter what tots are running thru’ your mind. Know this Fact:

    God loves you & will never forsake you!
    God loves you & will never forsake you!
    God loves You & will never forsake You!

    tell that to yourself over & over again. the evil one will try to convince you otherwise

    All those tots that try to deny this love of God for you, be they your past experiences that floods your mind while u read these words are just the devils way of denying you this truth. That is how the evil one works. He isolates you & make you believe that ur are helpless and that no one cares bout you.

    But that is a LIE. Proof?, Look at all of this posts here. We have never seen or meet you in person yet I believe i speak for all here when I say that we care for you dear.

    Even in this time of your uncertainty, reach out for The Father’s love. This love Will bring about inner peace. Cry out over & over again to your Heavenly father. He hears you.

    Those thoughts in your head, Fight them! be strong! With God’s help, you WILL overcome.

    If you are not comfortable to talk things with ppl around you, talk to us. we will listen

  8. GrowinginChrist says:

    Rebecca, My dear sister in Christ. Please hold on to God’s unchanging hand. He has great plans for you. I am also going thru a lot of turmoil in my life. Although I have never had a thought of ending my life, I know that God is in control and that he loves me. Jesus loves you. His word states that it will rain on the just as well as the unjust, and that we will have trials and tribulations in this life. I will be praying for you and urge you to please get to someone you trust to help you thru this time. Please please hang on. Jesus loves you, he cares for you.

  9. mike wittmer says:


    Your essay is a great reminder that unlike other religions, such as Buddhism or Islam, our faith is not primarily about a set of teachings but about a Person. I am thankful for the wise teachings of Christianity, but even when I am not sure how to apply them in a given situation, I am still left with the most important part, the center and focus of my faith–Jesus.

  10. kewi says:

    Rebecca, I would encourage you to find a Christian counseller , and please remember Gods word in
    Deuteronomy 31:6

    Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

    Some of the greatest challenges in life bring the greatest rewards. Please keep searching for God and he will help you. He is the Almighty One.

  11. sowharvest says:


    Many of us have had a year that where we just have had one thing after another. But let me tell you I am praying for you right now to hear the love that GOD has for you. We love you. And your purpose is this moment right now. I know it is hard because we all want to give up but don’t!!!.. THE LORD IS [YOUR] OUR SHEPARD…Ps. 23.. Rebecca HE is… You have taken the first steps reaching out. Find a friend and let the Holy Spirit lift you up and comfort yoiur soul.

    “Lord right now I pray in the name of Jesus for the healing and comfort our sister Rebecca. May you gather her into your loving arms and bring the full force of your power into her life. IN JESUS name I pray. Amen.

  12. jeff olson says:

    To all who have responded…It is awesome to see the deep concern for Rebecca…It’s an example of the love of Christ…Thanks especially to all who have shared from their own past struggles.

    Please continue to share your concerns and keep Rebecca’s in your prayers. Pray that the love and hope of Jesus will become undeniably real to her and pray against the forces of darkness that would like nothing more than for her to believe there is no hope.

  13. loananna says:

    Rebecca, just reading these have shown that our Lord is reaching out to you to show you you are loved and that no matter what you are facing, he is always with you. Yeah, at times he is silent and we think he doesn’t hear our cries, but he does! I too, thought of ending my life but kept on praying for the darkness to be lifted. He did and that time of darkness i went thru has strenghten me. I know now that no matter what happens to me he will never leave me nor forsake me. The Lord is showing himself in all these comments to you from his saints, he has much work for you that is why he is stregthening you through trials. PLEASE, PLEASE PRAY!!!

  14. veronicarose says:

    Rebecca, you are not alone, I’m a victim of deep depression and I have been under attack more and more recently. I am trying so hard to walk in the path of rightousness and it seems like I’m getting no where. I feel hopeless, unsuccessful, and the feelings goes on and on but I won’t stop going to church, praying, or praising God because although satan is up to his tricks. I have came to grips with my heart is wicked, confessed my sins, and will seek the professional help along with spiritual guidance to claim VICTORY!!!! I will pray for you and please pray for me, God Bless you all!!

  15. veronicarose says:

    Too All of You who replied to Rebecca, I thank you because as you were encouraging her, you have encouraged me! I asked myself why am I so depress when I have so much to be thankful for but I continue to look at the negative things or where I believe I should be in life. God works through all people and all things because as I mentioned on my way to church I was contemplating suicide, so I truly thank you all I personally needed this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. NiketaSpeaks says:


    This was inspired by a conversation I had with an old friend of mine. He’s been going through a lot lately and I feel terrible that I wasn’t there for him in his darkest hours.

    I wrote this for you, and I’m glad that you called. I’m glad that when you reached out, you reached out for me, and I’m glad that I could be there for you when you needed me most!! One day at a time, love. One day at a time!

    Rebecca, I wrote this for him, BUT it might just encourage someone you too. Please read!

    It is the color of water
    Flowing through my veins
    Constricting my vessels
    And numbing my brain
    Elevating my emotions
    Suppressing my pain
    Freeing my mind
    I’m floating away
    Forgetting my problems
    The Hell that I face
    Nothing else matters
    When I’m in this place
    I’m out of control
    I’m floating in space
    I’m trapped inside darkness
    I long for escape
    I struggle to breathe
    With each breath that I take
    No longer in ecstasy
    There’s too much at stake
    I’ve been risking it all
    I’m falling from grace
    I’m running my fastest
    Yet I’m losing the race
    I’m pleading for help
    My pleas fall on deaf ears
    I cry out for assistance
    And still no one hears
    I reach out my arms
    Just too weak to speak
    And no one reached back
    My future seemed bleak
    I can’t help who I’ve become
    Society shaped me
    My father was gone
    So, alone my mom raised me
    She tried but she couldn’t
    Turn this boy into a man
    She cried every night,
    But it was out of her hands
    My best friend was murdered
    My grandmother died
    And all this resentment
    Just built up inside
    I wanted revenge
    Someone I could blame
    Someone else to hurt
    To share in my pain
    My mother was heart-broken
    She died the next day
    And I pretty much lost it
    I’d had all I could take
    I searched for a victim
    And ‘I’ was his name
    I lay in my bed
    And pumped poison in my veins
    And as I stare at the ceiling
    Drifting away
    In the back of my mind
    I could see my mom’s face
    She whispered to me
    “Son, please not this way”
    And the only thing I know
    Is that I stand here today
    Because Divine intervention
    Interceded that day
    I awoke from my slumber
    In a hospital bed
    My body was aching
    Eyes bloodshot red
    I had been to the light
    But I was not dead!
    My outlook is different now
    My life has been changed
    And the lesson I learned
    Is there’s an end to the rain.
    If you JUST DON’T GIVE UP.

    • adamant7800 says:

      That is a beautiful poem, I am quite sure that you are a beautiful person on the inside. Only someone with true beauty can express what really goes on deep inside of them. I pray that God will keep you in his thoughts and keep your mind focuses on how to please him. Remember you can make it through, I am one who did. My struggle may not have been the same as yours but I truly feel your pain, and I am sure that once you let go and don’t think about the pain the the sun will shine. Think about the good ole’ days, when everyday felt great and life was a blessing. Remember the types of things you use to do that made you feel good about yourself. I am confident that God will see you though.

  17. mojito says:


    I said a prayer immediately for you. Please surround yourself with the right people who love you very much for good support. PLEASE know that God will never forsake or leave you because HE TRULY LOVES YOU in spite of what is happening. We have to go through trials as a test to GOD and it makes us a stronger person through FAITH, believing. God wants you to LIVE because He Has A Plan For You! Please see someone you can talk to, maybe a Christian counselor(my son went to one and he helped him out)… May the PEACE of Christ be with you now!

  18. Sonny says:

    I have been where you are. I know how painful life can be. When you are going through a valley, it’s sometimes hard to see the end of it. But, I assure you that things will change for the better. If you are not on anti-depressants, I highly recommend you see your physician about getting some. There is no shame, I know, I’m a Christian and I take anti-depressants. If you are a Christian, call out to Jesus, He is always there. The Bible says that weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. Also, do the things you enjoy. Sit in the sunshine, pet your cat or dog, love your family, do something nice for someone else to take your mind off your problems. Drink an Irish creme latte while reading a good book. God has a plan for your life, you have special gifts that are unique to you. There is no other person just like you. We don’t live in the past and can’t change it. We also, don’t live in the future, we live in the now. So make a decision to start enjoying your life now.

    If you have a roof over your head, if you have clothes on your back and if you have food on your table, you are richer than 75% of the people alive on our planet today. Be grateful for the small things.

    God Bless You and Keep You and may His Face Shine Upon You.

    Regardless of your believe system, You are Loved.

    Through all my troubles, problems and failures I’ve learned to lean and trust in the only One who can really help me and His name is JESUS! Be blessed and know that we are all pulling for you by prayer for you. Remember you are LOVED.

  19. Mr_Firstman says:

    I put my confidence in the Lord that He won’t let rebecca be out on the earth’s surface that way. I believe in faith that Only God, only He can end one’s life. I did try to end my own life when i had my stage 4 disease. i even prayed to God to let me die. but, He didn’t. because i still have some works to do. I believe it’s the same thing with rebecca.

    God bless us all!

  20. kewi says:

    Rebecca, I pray that you are reading some of these comments and I have been praying for you every day. Could you please reply

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