very superstitious?

very superstitious?


Isaiah 65:1-16
Because you have prepared feasts to honor the god of Fate and have offered mixed wine to the god of Destiny, now I will “destine” you for the sword (Isaiah 65:11-12).


Read 1 Timothy 1:3-4. What strong instruction did Paul give to Timothy regarding “myths”and ‘meaningless speculations’? Why?


What does believing in fate and destiny say about your view of God? How does misplacing your trust ultimately lead to a misdirection of your life? What do you need to submit to God’s control?

Many professional athletes have pre-game rituals that they believe will help them stay focused and bring them luck during their games. A player for a football team had a superstition that literally reeked. The player slept the night before games in a university T-shirt he hadn’t washed in 11 years. When asked about sleeping in the dirty T-shirt, he replied: “It’s got rips and stuff, but I’m not going to change what I do.” While this pre-game ritual and others may seem benign, fun, quirky, and harmless, superstitions can easily morph into a value system that is built on unstable foundations.

This is what happened with God’s people. Though He reached out to them with love, they rejected Him and built their lives on the foundation of idolatry (Isaiah 65:1-7). Among many appalling idolatries (worshiping in “sacred gardens,” consulting the dead, etc.), many Israelites worshiped the pagan gods of Fate and Destiny (Isaiah 65:11) in their attempt to know and secure the future. To try to please the duo, some of God’s people set food and drink before idols. Israel had forgotten that only God knew, controlled and blessed their future. Because His people had chosen to construct their lives on the rickety foundation of fate and destiny, God promised to judge them for their misplaced credulity (Isaiah 65:6-7). Though some would be judged, those who were loyal to God would be blessed (Isaiah 65:8-9).

God has called us to be a holy and peculiar people in the world. We can do this by loving, serving and obeying God alone; by confessing our sins of idolatry; by dispelling and rejecting any value system that is built on the unstable foundation of superstition, speculation or luck; and by teaching and living out biblical truth.

NLT 365-day reading plan passage for today: Acts 16:1-15

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3 Responses to “very superstitious?”

  1. tom felten says:

    Good thoughts, Marvin. It’s important to consider what it means to be a peculiar people based on our following God and not following man-made rules or legalistic behaviors. May we live holy lives that reflect God’s love and righteous ways to all we meet today!

  2. mike wittmer says:

    Thanks, Marvin! I think adopting the value system of our fallen culture is so subtle, it’s easy to do it without realizing we’re doing it. But it stinks even worse than wearing that ratty shirt to bed!

  3. winn collier says:

    So I should change the socks I’ve worn since my Senior Year baseball state championship? just kidding. Thanks for reminding about good (and not so good) foundations.

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