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What are some effective ways to live out your faith in a culture that’s pluralistic, postmodern, and post-Christian?

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4 Responses to “November 12, 2012”

  1. trishiien says:

    The most effective way (in my humble opinion) is to reach people on our jobs, a workplace ministry. People on our jobs, know us, trust us and are in a better place to “hear” us by our words but mostly, our actions. And from there, the prayer would be that those folks we ministered to, would grow and develop in Christ and one day, minister to persons in their own inner circle – a kind of ripple effect, if you will.

  2. tom felten says:

    Thanks for your thoughts, joyce. Your ideas of truly living out Jesus’ love and compassion before others resonates. People will only hear what we have to say if they first see that we care about them!

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