One of the main reasons why I love taking photos is because I can try to portray God’s handiwork. I try my best to show God’s creation, knowing that all I’m doing is merely trying to show the house through a peephole.

I have been guilty of forgetting the reason why I am snapping pics, but now I’ve been harshly reminded. My camera was stolen recently along with my favourite lens (70-200 f/4 IS). I hope the person that got it is using it better than I did! :D The reason I said why I have been forgetting the reason is the reality that I’ve been taking photos to gain an audience. It was really a fine line crossed or maybe I didn’t cross the line, but it became more about gaining fame.

I think it’s sort of similar in many walks of our lives. We might begin doing good things, be it business, working, and even serving (worshiping and serving), trying to serving God to the very best we could. But in the midst, we were diverted. That’s when it’s important to stop and tell ourselves to redirect and get back on the right track!

Many people have asked me this question: “Don’t you feel that you’re e in a pinch with your camera missing?”

My answer has been: The camera is merely an object. I thought I would have been more affected, but it was lost during a Overseas Christian Fellowship Conference and there were more reasons to be joyful—like a brother and sister coming to be part of the family—than to express sorrow or anger over something so small. The camera definitely was expensive and it might have blown a hole in my pocket, but there were more reasons to celebrate and I would just have to work hard to fund another camera.

Also, let’s not forget, the greatest memories are never captured by a camera but by our God-given eyes and mind. 

I won’t have a camera for some time, but I will have time to simply enjoy the things God created for us and maybe sort out some of my photos. There might just be a gem in the midst of all that coal stored away in my computer.  —pic and copy submitted by Victor Kuah, Australia

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5 Responses to “forgetting the reason”

  1. dossk says:

    Thanks Victor for the moving story. I know of a lady [in India], who has been saving every month a small amount to buy a fully automatic washing machine. She saved for three years and it came to a respectable sum. She was planning to buy a brand new machine the next day and her servant maid approached her that night and
    cried that her baby had become critically ill and had to be admitted in a private hospital [Generally Govt. hospitals do not care well] She prayed about this and finally decided to give away the entire amount which she had painfully saved for three years to the maid.
    God wants us to show the Christian love & concern, sometimes in unusual way.
    By means of this, the Hindu family came to Christ

  2. GChoo says:

    Victor, thank you for your wonderful picture and sharing. God truly knows i needed this encouragement today. How wonderful and mysterious in the ways God can lifts us up when we are weary. Praise God.

  3. mike wittmer says:

    Your story reminds me that we’ll never be free of sin until Jesus returns. Even when we’re doing good things we can be subtly doing them for selfish reasons. I think your attitude towards losing your camera means your less selfish than I generally am, which means I especially need this reminder–and often.

  4. mike wittmer says:

    By the way, please take this the right way, as it’s intended: Great Picture!

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