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What do you say when someone asks, “Why does God allow evil acts to occur?”

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9 Responses to “December 17, 2012”

  1. sartay1393 says:

    i wish i knew

  2. hchead says:

    1. It’s as a result of our action or inaction concerning an issue that has now result in bad consequence(s). Our first parents choose to disobey God and the consequences of sin was upon them even when they are told of it. When we reclaim coastal line and build on them, plug drainage channels disobey warnings about natural disasters or choose a life style that we seems pleased with without complete disregard to God’s word, when we water down God’s word, when we refused the manufacturer’s (God) manual (Bible) for a product (man) we misuse and place ourselves in the line of evil. A pot can not query the potter

    2. At other times God wants to exalt and manifest his power. We see this when Jesus was asked concerning a man born blind of whose fault it was and He replied that it was not the man nor his parents but that God may manifest His powers.

    • tom felten says:

      Thanks for sharing, hchead. Yes, evil exists in the heart of mankind because of our rebellion against God—first seen in Adam and Eve. Praise God that He has a perfect plan to ultimately end evil and its power. Jesus, the perfect sacrifice for our rebellion and sin, suffered and died on a cross—taking our place—that we might experience real life both now and for eternity by believing in Him. How we look forward to Jesus’ return and to all things being made new!

  3. deborah1 says:

    I really don’t know how to literally answer that question as I’m not God; I could only give an answer from limited knowledge of a God who is all-knowing. I advise someone to pray to understand God’s Will. I even question why God allows evil especially in some people’s lives while others seem to go through life without any significant challenges. I have to remind myself of the scripture passage within Isaiah 55:8, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.” I share this verse with others as we will never know the answer to why God allows evil until with meet with God in eternity.

    • tom felten says:

      Great perspective, deborah1. The sovereignty and “otherness” of God requires that we leave certain questions and mysteries in His hands. I’m thankful that we can know that He is good, holy, loving, and compassionate.

  4. tom felten says:

    joyce, I so appreciate your insights. Yes, God can allow evil so that a greater good results. The pain and revulsion that evil brings can sometimes snap people out of their godless state and point them to a loving God who has the only answers for facing it.

    • deborah1 says:

      Joyce / Tom,

      I know that God “disciplines” those that He loves as any “good” human father would do. However, I’ve seen people behave in ungodly ways repeatedly and these same people seem to have an easy life without any major hurdles/challenges. And we all behave in ungodly ways because of our original sin so to say that God allows evil to show the consequences of that evil seems to be discriminatory as not all people are shown the consequences of their “evil” behavior. I can think of several who are living a pretty good life in spite of ungodly behavior. I really think this question of why God allows evil is just too complex, besides being impossible, to answer. I actually work at avoiding even asking it for that reason. We have to instead focus on praying for discernment of God’s Will and trusting that He somehow is in control and will bring about good in all circumstances for those who love Him. And for me, I find this a challenge in itself and it raises even more questions for me.

  5. mzfrizbe says:

    We all know sin entered the world through the fall but, the question of why God allows children and innocents to suffer will always plague those of us with hearts for God’s children. The only comfort I have is found in the word of God. His promise states that anything the enemy intends for my harm, He will redeem for His good. If we remember our brother Job, who had done no wrong, was hand chosen by God to suffer for His purposes. What about Jesus? He loved His father, and taught His ways. He walked this world with compassion and was the purest definition of love. And yet, he suffered and died for a higher purpose. It was only while on the cross while His pain and torment was unbearable that He called out to His father and asked, “Why have you forsaken me?” Then and only then did God choose to end His suffering and bring Jesus back to His loving arms. In times of trouble, when it seems that all hope is lost, and that there is only evil left in this world, is when we truly remember how much we need our LORD and Savior.

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