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Why is fellowship with other believers so important in our life in Jesus?

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4 Responses to “January 2, 2013”

  1. nmuna says:

    Throughout His teaching of the gospel, great crowds were always present to listen to Him. Those who eventually became believers of the gospel maintained companionship with other believers. This companionship was to keep each other in check – not to falter along the way. Fellowship with other believers creates friendly relationships and Jesus constantly stressed out the importance of keeping good friends. Fellowship helps prevent a sheep from being lost. In Matthew, Jesus tells his followers that when two or more are gathered in His name, He will grant their request, hence, the importance of fellowship.

    • henrygrift says:

      I agree and would like to add that Heb.10:24 speak of us coming together in fellowship so we can stir up love and good works. To stir up is to encourage, to incite or stimulate others in their walk with Christ and their walk as part of the body of Christ. Iron sharpens iron.

  2. angellic37 says:

    that true men are not meant to live in isolation, so we need one another…. May God help us come to dis understanding amen

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