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What has helped you grow in your love for God?

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10 Responses to “January 28, 2013”

  1. bperez says:

    for me it is my desire to seek the word of the Lord everyday. Before anything else like checking emails or watching the news. First thing i do is thank God for a good night sleep then ask for guidance through this new day. RBC ministries devotionals has helped me a lot in my walk and growth with the Lord. The Lord has continued to sustain me and my family. Thank you Lord for the people and situation you use to help with your work.

  2. deborah1 says:

    I have grown in my love for God as I reflect on the many instances in which His provision and guidance prevailed especially during some challenging times filled with much uncertainty. While those experiences were initially distressful, the Lord seemed to “take over” by filling me with peace and gently nudging me toward appropriate action. I didn’t at the time realize His workings in my life; it happened as I studied scripture and truly worked at obeying His commands and applying His teachings. I have very recently come to understand that the Lord is so ready to provide us with grace and many blessings when we free ourselves of worldly attachments that, for me, have created a barrier between me and Him and a distraction from recognizing and receiving His love.

  3. milnella says:

    My struggles… It’s paradoxical but I found that the more I struggle in this worldly life the more I grow in Christ our savior…

  4. Missy says:

    Bible study has helped me in so many ways. But first and foremost in my relationship with God. As I study and read things like God created me for a love relationship with Him or Philipians 2:13 – It is God who works in ME to will and to act according to HIS good purpose.

    So now He has placed His Spirit in me so that I can act according to His will, if that is not love then I don’t know what is.

    Bible study, prayer, my church and circumstances have all helped me grow my love for God.
    I love you Lord…

    • tom felten says:

      Thanks for these insights, MIssy! As you’ve mentioned, God has provided some amazing things to help us grow in His love—Scripture, the ability to talk with Him in prayer, fellowship with other believers in Jesus, and our experiencing Him as we walk through each day. So many things can lead us to a deeper love for Him!

  5. GChoo says:

    Thank you to all who have willingly shared so that others can benefit. It is such a privilege.

    In my case, ODJ and the sharing by our willing contributors is one of the ways that helped me to grow in my love for God.

    I have been blessed being in a God focused church where the sermons by our ministers and invited guests have inspired me to ponder over God’s Word, our church’s vision and values emphasised on being missionary, united, nurturing, growing, offering and serving have helped me to understand deeper God’s love for us. We are inspired to be involved because Jesus showed us the way as recorded in the Bible and what he has done in our lives. Being involved in the church’s activities allowed me to understand how and what we can do to see God’s promises be fulfilled and have helped me to rely on God more than ever. Finding the right way (suited to self) to do my devotion has helped me too. Fellowship. praying together and group scriptures discussion allow us to share our experiences to encourage and be encouraged by what God has done for us.

    God has shown me His love for me in many, many ways. And when i learn how to reflect on it and always keep close to His Word, all i can do is to give thanks, remind myself to obey and share whenever the opportunity arises.

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