Luke 9:10-17
Jesus said, “You feed them” (Luke 9:13).


Read Proverbs 3:5-6 for what it means to trust and obey God.


When do you find it hardest to trust and obey God? What is He showing you these days as you journey with Him?

It had been an exhilarating mission trip. Jesus had sent the disciples to go to the villages to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal (Luke 9:1-6). Even though they brought neither bread nor money, God had provided. And He had worked through them.

Now Jesus was taking them away for a retreat. But a great crowd followed. The Lord welcomed them. He taught them about the kingdom of God and healed the sick. The disciples, though feeling a tad tired, may have enjoyed sitting among the crowd and listening to the Master Teacher as well.

But the sunlight started to wane, and stomachs began to growl. The disciples came to Jesus and gently reminded Him that they were in a remote place. Peter, Andrew, and Philip knew the challenge they faced since they were from a town in that region (John 1:44). The disciples suggested that Jesus should send the crowd away so that they could find food and lodging. But Jesus said, “You feed them” (Luke 9:13).

Clearly, the disciples had done their math. They reminded Jesus that they had only five loaves and two fish to feed 5,000 men.

Surely, going to buy food for the crowd would be necessary. Instead, Jesus instructed His men to get the people to sit in groups of about 50 each. Though the disciples may have thought this would take precious time away from going to get the food, they obeyed. Only when all the people sat down did Jesus perform His miracle. They all ate to their hearts’ content, and there was food to spare!

Like the disciples, we are on a journey with Jesus. He has much to show us about Himself and the things that He can do through us and with us. And what does He ask? That we simply trust and obey.

NLT 365-day reading plan passage for today: Exodus 6:1-13

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7 Responses to “learning journey”

  1. jaik says:

    Thanks for an encouraging message

  2. justaguyonajourney says:

    Thanks for reminding me Jesus plans to do things through us. I am waiting to see how He plans to use me to advance His Kingdom.
    I appreciate the encouragement.

    • tom felten says:

      justaguyonajourney, one thing God has impressed on my heart is that He can use me anywhere to advance His Kingdom . . . in a hospital bed, shopping at the store, while talking with an acquaintance. May we all open our eyes to how He is choosing to use us today!

      • tori says:

        That’s true. I often get caught up in waiting on the “great” way God is going to use me to advance his kingdom. However, he uses us wherever we are, some people in small ways, others in majestic ways. That’s a great prayer, open my eyes and ears, at all times, to the prompting of the Holy Spirit, and help me to obey, to trust and obey.

  3. roxanne robbins says:

    Thankful for this reminder of God’s provision as we participate with Him and walk in obedience and faith.

  4. jvnchesner says:

    I am thankful for God’s action in my life. I pray that I may yield my life to him so that I may see him move in me and those around me. It is a humbling experience.

  5. winn collier says:

    last week, my youngest son told me this was his favorite story in the Bible. There are many, many things about this that make me happy.

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