Fathers Day 2013

F for Fervently However long or much it takes, either in time, efforts or money, however many wrongs dad makes, he still performs his tasks FERVENTLY. A for Abiding And Asserting Abiding always in God’s Word By being fruitful, and not absurd. ASSERTING godly values on the meek and bold, dad is... read more »

June 10, 2013

What does taking communion (The Lord’s Supper) mean to you? Why is it so important? ... read more »

not leaving

I am just 3 months into my elected role as youth deaconess in the local church that I attend, and I’ve already received three requests from people who want to step down from serving. A few have simply gone MIA (missing in action). So I feel like a general who’s trying to rally his army to fight... read more »