Author  |  Sheridan Voysey

life . . . with God

Every month, more than 500,000 people Google “meaning of life.” Why am I here? They find answers ranging from “Life has no meaning” to “The meaning of life is whatever you make it.”

laws of love

Driving to work one day, I had a revelation. I realized that speed limits had been set to protect me and those around me, not to hamper my freedom or prove that I was a lawbreaker. If I sped and lost control of my car I could hurt myself, the lady driving toward me, or the man on the sidewalk. The traffic laws are in place because human life is valuable and should be protected.

right thing, wrong reason

I was preaching one evening when a mentally ill man walked down the church aisle, slapped me in the face, pushed over the pulpit, and sent the congregation into a panic. In a protective act, a church member named Gary stepped toward the man as he lunged towards Gary and his wife.

the little people

They had gathered on the lush, rolling slopes to hear Him. And He stood there on the hill, looking into the eyes of as many of them as He could.

go, reveal Him

If you didn’t grow up in a Christian home, chances are that you didn’t come to faith through a message heard on radio or TV, read in a magazine article, or heard in a debate. No, it’s likely a believer in Jesus entered your life and provided spiritual illumination beyond this world.

go, influence

If you’re a believer in Jesus, you’re called to influence society. Jesus not only calls you to be His friend (John 15:15), but also to be His salt and His light (Matthew 5:13-14).

Salt is well known for two popular uses. We use it as an additive to enhance flavor (think of the saltshaker on your kitchen table), and as…

three evils

On January 12, 2010, Haiti was hit by a magnitude 7.0 earthquake that leveled an estimated 250,000 homes and 30,000 buildings, killing nearly 300,000 people. A cholera outbreak a few months later claimed thousands more lives.

Philosophers have a name for this kind of devastation. They call it natural evil. With its earthquakes, famines, diseases, and afflictions, the world can…

modern priests

"I’m very clear about what my role and purpose is,” Oprah Winfrey once told an interviewer. “I am the messenger to deliver the message of redemption, of hope, of forgiveness, of gratitude, of evolving people to the best of themselves.” Often described as the high priestess of religion-less spirituality, Oprah could resemble a preacher on her TV show. To many…

holy imagination

In his book The Johns, Victor Malarek reveals the motivations of men who buy the services of prostitutes. In most cases, pornography precedes the transaction. The men watch porn, fantasize about the experience they want, then find a woman who will act out what they desire. The deed follows the fantasy.

Many of us may start thinking how “sick” such…

gentleness and respect

“And what he still has left of his faith is such an anemic, mushy, and watered-down bowl of pap that he really has become a joke—a caricature of religious conviction. Any atheist or New Ager could come up with such grotesque nonsense.”

There is a place for stating things bluntly. But these words from a Christian blogger, describing a pastor…

murderous intent

At its best, anger alerts us to injustice. At its worst, anger becomes murderous in intent. Beyond wanting to see a wrong righted, we find ourselves wishing the destruction of a person—through the use of words if not a gun.

Many years ago, I experienced a dark and prolonged feud with a co-worker. “It troubles me to say this,” I…

a destructive god

There are two essential spiritual truths that we ignore at our peril. The first is that a variety of “gods” seek our allegiance. The second is that we take on the qualities of the gods we worship. Jesus described money as one of these alternative gods, and the secular world is now telling us how worshiping this god affects us.…

no other god

In his fascinating book, Modes of Faith, Theodore Ziolkowski reviews the lives of 19th-century European writers who had lost faith in God. What Ziolkowski finds is this: While these authors had dismissed the God of the Bible, another ‘god’ had soon taken His place.

Ziolkowski found five “gods” to be most attractive to these men and their readers. Art was raised…

beyond reciprocity

If there’s one law that pervades the world, it’s the law of reciprocity. Simply put, reciprocity is the notion of mutual exchange or fair return. It’s the basis of many social interactions:

• Business: where a fair exchange of goods and services is made between parties.

• Politics: where one country helps another to maintain positive relations, alliances, or other…

life and submission

Jesus taught us to lay down our lives for others. At its most costly moments, I believe this submission of our wills happens in four progressive stages.

The first stage is recognition. We are presented with a need or a person for whom a decision of submission must be made.

The second stage is deliberation. There will be a cost…