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you choose Q: are demons united in their evil efforts?

Q: I have have this impression/thought that demons are not united even among themselves. It seems like a logical deduction but I would like more certainty if its possible to know what is the stance of the Bible. In Mark... read more »

Savior of the world

Christians believe that Jesus is coming back again. A terrifying time of unprecedented persecution and suffering, destruction and death will precede His return, however (Revelation 6:1–16:21). Satan will cause havoc,... read more »

silent night

During the final home court basketball game in December, Taylor University basketball fans practice a tradition they call “Silent Night.” Once the game starts, the crowd stays completely silent. All that’s heard are... read more »

December 9, 2013

With which character in the accounts of Jesus’ birth in the Bible do you most identify? Why? ... read more »


A close friend of mine is married to a senior leader of an African nation that has for decades been known for extreme persecution. While her husband was serving as a catalyst in seeing that country’s people freed from an... read more »

you’re at war!

Neville Chamberlain was duped during World War II. As Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, he appeased Hitler and acquiesced to his demands. Chamberlain believed Hitler was a man of peace who would simply be satisfied with... read more »

you choose Q: do angels possess free will?

Q: It seems that in the beginning that the angels had free will since one-third rebelled. Do they still have free will or an option to disobey?  —Victoria A: Angels are spiritual beings created by God (John 1:3;... read more »

close to the cradle

The angels were on the verge of a brawl. As characters in our church’s nativity scene, a multitude of small girls outfitted in white gowns and halos had assembled around the cradle. Unfortunately, some eager cherubs... read more »

unseen sea

Recently, I watched a video titled The Unseen Sea. Sam Christen, the flick’s creator, presented a time-lapsed look at the atmosphere over San Francisco filmed from above the clouds. At times, the clouds appeared as... read more »

God sends an angel or two . . .

In July of 2010, I was driving on a county road in Southwestern Ontario and fell asleep at the wheel.  My son, who was texting at the time, was sitting beside me when he felt the car shaking as we entered a four-foot... read more »
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