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the question

Here’s something you will never read in an obituary: “Susan Abernathy is survived by Harold, her husband of 47 years, three children, and six grandchildren. Susan was treasurer of the West Kalloon Realtor’s... read more »

quitting time

Sorting through some old papers, I found a yellowed pay-stub that showed I had worked 100 hours in the span of 7 days. It’s crazy—I know, since there are only 168 hours in a week. As I fingered the faded document, I... read more »


John Isner and Nicolas Mahut made tennis history in 2010 when neither man could defeat the other. Their first-round match at Wimbledon was suspended because of darkness—twice. Finally, on the third day, after playing more... read more »

when the world falls apart

We are obsessed with success. An entire industry revolves around Guinness World Records, cataloging stuff like the longest beard, the fastest 40-meter wheelbarrow race, and the most T-shirts worn at once. We have meticulous... read more »

run the race

One of my favorite television programs is The Amazing Race. This reality show takes up to a dozen couples (people in pre-existing relationships) and places them in a foreign country where they race—via trains, buses,... read more »

more than a medal

The apostle Paul appealed to the Christians in Corinth by comparing their lives to the races of the Isthmian games. As the runners conditioned their bodies to win a perishable wreath, so the Corinthians should strive to win... read more »

fighting the good fight

Jacqueline’s eyes flash fury and fire. She’s the embodiment of the hot-tempered, angry, fight starter described in Proverbs 15:18, 29:22. It’s not surprising then that rather than pleading with her landlord... read more »

February 23, 2010

The Vancouver Olympic Games have featured premier athletes competing for the coveted gold, silver, and bronze medals. What’s your take on competition—is it a good thing? Should Christians compete? Why? ... read more »