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questioning God

Although I’ve been walking with God for decades, I admit that I sometimes still question Him. While I’ve learned not to blame Him for things I now recognize as Satan’s handiwork, there are still moments... read more »

wilderness experiences

God sometimes works in strange ways. Jesus is baptized, and the next thing He experiences is temptation. Led into the wilderness by the Holy Spirit, He’s tempted by Satan—His adversary. Such is the nature of our... read more »

silence of God

She sits alone in her room—dark circles under her eyes, tears running down her cheeks. Since her teenage years, God has been her fulfillment, but her heart still has gaps—empty places, hollow spaces, unmet... read more »

flying fish

The residents of Lajamanu, a remote Australian town, received a fishy gift last summer. Hundreds of small spangled perch dropped from the sky! Meteorologists believe the fish were sucked up into the clouds by a storm.... read more »

January 31, 2011

How have you been affected by bitter people, and what have you done to help them break free of their bitterness? ... read more »

power failure

An impromptu high-wire act by a 26-year-old man caused a portion of Dongguan, a city in China, to experience a blackout. The man had lost his job and chose to drown his sorrows by drinking heavily. After his binge, the... read more »


I saw this quote on a friend’s Facebook page: “It’s not that I feel alone because I have no friends. I have lots of friends. I know that I have people who can hold me and reassure me and talk to me and care... read more »

waiting for rain

Competing against the thwap-thwap sound of the windshield wipers, the rain beat a rhythmic pattern against the car. Driving out of town for a retreat with our youth leaders, I was thankful for the chance to spend time with... read more »

depression and healing

The first time I laid my eyes on my daughter Sophie, I was stunned. So sublime was her beauty that I couldn’t believe that she was mine. Also stunned, but for a completely different reason, was my wife Jane. We had... read more »

david and the dwarf

The towering enemy strides into the Valley of Elah. He stands more than 9 feet tall, with shining armor made of several hundred small bronze plates that glimmer in the sunlight. His spear is several inches thick, with a... read more »
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