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Seventeen-year old Shirin arrived at Afghanistan’s Heart Regional Hospital with 90 percent of her body covered in third-degree burns. The official story given to hospital staff was that Shirin had suffered a cooking... read more »

face down

When my father died of cancer, the inevitable question in my heart was whether he would have lived if I had shown greater faith. I lived with significant guilt that his death was somehow my fault. Rather than bringing hope,... read more »

hooks to hang your hopes on

Pastor Tim Keller says that, in life, “Fifty percent of the reason we get so discouraged and despondent is we’re shocked when something bad happens. We say, ‘This isn’t how it’s supposed to... read more »

designed for relationship

Human beings are mysteriously designed for relationship. Isolate someone in a room and eventually he or she will become stressed, and confused, and their sleep will be disturbed. The chronically isolated person will become... read more »

strength to spare

British-born John Evans is a professional head-balancer. He has kept people, books, and other objects teetering on his dome for record-setting times. One of his greatest feats was balancing a MINI Cooper on his head for 33... read more »

can’t stand it

While journeying down the Yangtze River last year, a Chinese ferry crew became concerned when a passenger burst out of his cabin with his hands covering his ears screaming, “I can’t stand it any longer!”... read more »


Josh Evans never existed. Still, he befriended 13-year-old Megan Meier through an online network. Eventually, he sent this message, “I don’t know if I want to be friends with you. . . . I hear you’re not... read more »

beyond sentimental slogans

There’s a billboard company in my area that likes to post nice slogans on its signs when it doesn’t have paid clients. “Kyoto—Targets Bring Results” declares one environmentally conscious... read more »

cement sky

My hometown is nestled between emerald cow pastures, meandering roads, and tree-covered foothills. It’s most charming on bright, sunny days, but there aren’t many of those. The Finger Lakes region of New York... read more »

July 19, 2010

From an ODJ community member: “I’ve experienced a number of unsuccessful dating relationships. Now, I’m feeling the pressure to get married from others and from within my own heart. What should I... read more »
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