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prayer for revival

Blasio Kugosi was tired. This schoolteacher from Rwanda was tired of simply sitting back in quiet discouragement over the lack of spiritual fervor in the church and his own spiritual life. So in 1935, Kugosi fasted and... read more »

unusual warfare

In 1980, a woman hopped on a bus during the Boston Marathon. No big deal—except for one small detail. She was supposed to be running in the marathon! Later, she jumped back in the race—much too early, as it turned out,... read more »

sin is serious

David Head, in his book He Sent Leanness, overhauls a traditional public confession of sin found in the Book of Common Prayer and offers a satirical look at our shallow view of sin: “Benevolent and easy-going Parent: We... read more »

February 27, 2012

What does Lent mean to you? In what ways do you acknowledge it? ... read more »

fasting and faith

When Gandhi wanted to capture the attention of the powerful and prompt them to act against injustice, he went on a hunger strike. A number of years ago when I was confused and heartbroken, I began a 3-day fast. We are... read more »