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thanking God for you

—copy and design submitted by Terry and Pat Lampel, US ... read more »


grace alone

Imagine going on a missions trip without your luggage. No change of clothing! Oh, and no money or credit card either. So, you can forget about buying the basic necessities you might need while you’re away. That’s exactly... read more »


Last week I took my adopted son and his buddy (whom my friends adopted from Ethiopia) to the beach where I grew up in Florida. Watching the boys as they splashed in the gulf, played in the sand, and curiously poked at a dead... read more »

thank-you cards

Today I read a eulogy written by a man in memory of his 6-year-old daughter who died of leukemia. “Our daughter was full of gratitude for God and others,” the father shared. “She carried a little purse—containing... read more »

November 11. 2013

What are you thankful for today? ... read more »

tissue boxes

As I sat in the surgical waiting room, I had plenty of time to think. I’d been here before. The last time, the outcome was bad—very bad. On that day, we received the news that my only brother was “brain dead”—two... read more »

a lot by a lot

The first 4 years my adopted Ugandan son was with me, I experienced no fears about the future or my ability to support him. Recently, however, as I’ve struggled to pay bills and survive on a small ministry salary that... read more »

bwana asifiwe!

“Bwana asifiwe!” is Swahili for Praise the Lord! As I traveled from the dry place of Tala to the slums of Kawangare to the densely populated and dangerous ghetto of Korogocho in Kenya, this is the way every believer... read more »

stay hungry

It’s often more difficult to stay on top than it is to get there. This is true in sports: A young boxer trains hard as he fights his way through the ranks, but once he wins a championship he becomes lazy and loses his... read more »
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