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My friend noticed that his maple tree was shedding leaves prematurely. The tree doctor told him his tree was suffering from a girdling root. It had taken 30 years, but the offending root had encircled the tree and was now... read more »

gradual catastrophe

Scott and Robin began to worry when cracks appeared in the walls of their home. Over the course of 2 weeks, the fractures widened until their garage dropped away from their house. The rest of their property shifted and... read more »

crime and punishment

An English media personality was highly honored when he was alive. At his funeral, someone said of him, “His story was an epic of giving. Giving of time, giving of talent, giving of treasure. [He] can face eternal life... read more »

wise in God’s eyes

Who’s the brightest person in the world—the one with the highest IQ? Some would name Abdesselam Jelloul, who has an IQ of 198. Others say it’s Marilyn vos Savant with her IQ of 228. The Guinness Book of World Records... read more »


A student was praising one of my colleagues, and I was glad to hear it. This student had been critical of the professor, so I was pleased that she now saw what I already knew. But when she said that the professor’s class... read more »

a destructive god

There are two essential spiritual truths that we ignore at our peril. The first is that a variety of “gods” seek our allegiance. The second is that we take on the qualities of the gods we worship. Jesus described money... read more »

holding back

A frustrated female investment banker had a problem with her looks. It wasn’t that she felt unattractive. Au contraire. She believed that she was too good-looking to be effective at work. Her complaint went like this: “I... read more »

grumble rumble

Grumble Rumble is a website that allows you to air your complaints. It claims: “Our goal is to help you improve your life surroundings and reduce your stress by providing an easy, simple platform to register and resolve... read more »

grace from surprising places

In June 2011, pro hockey player Gilbert Brule was driving in Vancouver with his girlfriend. As they passed two hitchhikers, Brule blurted out, “That’s Bono!” Brule’s girlfriend wasn’t buying it. “I didn’t... read more »

fair wages

That’s not fair. Why did she get a raise and I didn’t? I do just as much work as she does!” “Why was he chosen to lead the project when I’ve been here longer?” I should get what I deserve is a work ethic that... read more »
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