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you choose Q: after judgment will we go to heaven or the new earth? Also, will aborted babies be judged?

Q: After judgment, will we go to heaven or the new earth? Also, will the aborted babies be judged?  —Daniel  A: The Bible speaks of a final judgment where every human person will stand before God’s “great white... read more »

a baby’s cry

Recently, one state in the US instituted a law requiring each pregnant woman considering an abortion to watch a sonogram of her unborn child, receive medically accurate explanations of what she views, and listen to her... read more »

if My people

I was speaking with three friends about the lamentable condition of our country. They mentioned the continued practice of abortion, the rise of homosexual marriage, and the debt crisis. One friend cited 2 Chronicles 7:14,... read more »

mother robin

Thousands of Indonesian women refer to Robin Lim as “Mother Robin” because she helped them through pregnancy and childbirth. Without her care and access to the clinics she established, the women wouldn’t have been able... read more »


One of the young women in my Bible study group shared with me that an acquaintance of hers had just found out she was pregnant from a one night stand. The pregnant woman had scheduled an appointment for an imminent abortion.... read more »

every creation is unique

When I observe my home garden with attention, I’m amazed to see that although many leaves or many flowers of a plant look alike and conform to a similar pattern, every leaf and every flower is unique in respect of some... read more »

protecting life

Russell Turnbull was riding a bus one night when a fight broke out. He tried to intervene, but in the process someone sprayed ammonia into his right eye. The powerful liquid scarred his cornea, causing him to lose sight and... read more »


At 17, she was in the midst of a brief season of rebellion. One night, instead of staying at a friend’s house, as she had told her parents, she went to a party thrown by a guy in his twenties. Although drinking and... read more »

speak the truth

Today, most of us live in a highly pluralistic society. Our next-door neighbor could well be Chinese, Ethiopian, or European. And, in the name of harmony, we’re told to respect differing views and opinions. But when... read more »

memory before birth

Got a good memory? Recent research conducted in the Netherlands and published in the medical journal Child Development reveals that babies can remember things quite well—even when they’re still in the womb! The... read more »