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shattered dreams

A friend had been working at a job he loved for many years when he was suddenly laid off. He took another position at a new company, but the work was not as fulfilling and didn’t pay well. Then the first employer asked him... read more »

into the light

One of the hardest things about getting ready in the morning is picking out my socks. Are they blue or black? Because I’m color-blind, those two colors look the same to me in the dim morning light! So what I typically do... read more »

the way out

Shin was born in a North Korean prison camp, where he lived until he was 23. He never thought to escape, for he didn’t imagine that life was any different on the other side of the electrified fence. Then he met a new... read more »

using the keys

Based on the bulky size of the key ring that holds my car and house keys, losing it shouldn’t be an issue. But it seems that I’m always searching for my keys, and they’re hardest to find when I need them most. One time... read more »


There was a time, deep into my walk with Jesus, when life became extremely difficult. I told a friend that I felt like a mouse, batted back and forth between the paws of a cat that was toying with his victim before making... read more »

40 days

Forty is a significant number in the Bible. The great flood of Genesis was the result of 40 days of rain (Genesis 7:4). Moses was with God for 40 days receiving the Law (Exodus 24:18). Spies explored the land for 40 days... read more »

tell it to move!

Everywhere I look, there are people facing mountains. High, powerful mountains. Mountains that seem utterly impossible to move. These immovable mountains are hurting the hearts of many. These mountains come in the form of... read more »

you choose Q: Due to my sin, will God ever leave me?

Q: Recently I sinned greatly and went against everything I know. I know I’m forgiven, but would God ever have enough of me and leave me?  —Linda A: It’s obvious that you’re aware of your unworthiness before God, and... read more »

history’s steady tune

George Jellinek, former host of The Vocal Scene radio program, says “the history of a people is found in its songs.” Years ago, music was a crucial way for slaves in the US to recount their stories, and music was central... read more »

you choose Q: how can I know I’m saved?

Q: I was born in a Christian family, my parents served God. I attended many meetings and answered many altar calls, confessed my sins many times, accepted Christ many times. I don’t no whether I’ve sincerely prayed... read more »
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