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drowning in love

I recently baptized an elementary-age church member in a local river. His dad walked into the water with me, and we stood on each side of his son. Together, we submerged him and then raised him from the cool, cleansing... read more »

drowned by love

One of my deep joys as a pastor has been to baptize both of my sons. I have a picture taken just before I went into the baptismal pool with one of my boys. I’m crouched down, eye-to-eye. I don’t remember what I was... read more »

why baptism?

The announcement couldn’t have been clearer: “Water baptism is not an option for the believer in Jesus. Please sign up for baptism. Baptismal classes begin in 2 weeks time.” After the service, a young man confronted... read more »

no ordinary baptistry

This is a baptistry in Kawangare, Kenya. But this is no ordinary baptistry. It has special significance to Pastor David Kitonga and the believers of Huduma Church. After enjoying a very successful ministry in the Methodist... read more »

January 3, 2011

Why is baptism important? What has it meant in your life? ... read more »