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at work

A group of us were sharing dinner and then we gave testimonies about a God who loves His people enough to speak His dreams into their hearts. We heard of an apartment complex for single mothers. A wedding barn and a... read more »

a peace that guards . . .

—submitted by Terry and Pat Lampel, US ... read more »

need wisdom? ask!

Following college, I spent several years in sports ministry and developed close friendships with a handful of professional and Olympic athletes. In talking with these friends over the past year, each of them commented that... read more »

finishing well

Finishing well. It’s an idea we typically reserve for those approaching the last few years of life. But as a wise, older man (now with Jesus) once pointed out to me, finishing well is not simply for the elderly. In fact,... read more »

God’s will and our hopes

Barely a few inches long, the image on the sonogram looked like something from a science fiction movie. With distinctive little nubs for hands and a clearly defined head, I could see the promise of the one who was to be our... read more »

here comes . . .

I was driving my family to a relative’s home when I was pulled over for speeding. I had been driving faster than the suspiciously low speed limit, so there wasn’t much I could say. But when I learned that my insurance... read more »

my sister wisdom

My twin sister and I are very close. We attended the same schools, and we share many things in common—same room, same wardrobe, and—most importantly—same faith. Aside from God, no one knows me better than she does. So... read more »

a time to speak

I just don’t know what you want,” he said in exasperation. “Well, if you don’t know after all these years, I guess you never will!” she replied bitterly. “If I do something, you question my motives,” he... read more »

young widow’s rant

I’ve never met Stephanie Olson, but through social media I came across her blog The Young Widow’s Rant. The website reveals that her husband recently died at age 33, leaving Stephanie a young widow (age 30) with two... read more »


In the past few years, my kids and I started a Christmas tradition of making gingerbread houses with some friends. Last year, as we prepared to go meet with the others, I gathered our supplies and noted with concern that the... read more »
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