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rainbows and remembering

The sight of a rainbow can trigger many thoughts. Spotting one might conjure up fairy tales of leprechauns and pots teeming with gold. In real life, however, rainbows do point to important things. For instance, mariners have... read more »

keep your guard up

A young man and several friends drove to a ski resort, went through a gate that contained warning signs about the dangerous condition of the slopes, and started snowboarding. On the second trip down the mountain, someone... read more »

out of season

One year, spring in the US arrived with unseasonably balmy temperatures that broke records and elevated spirits. But the mid-80 temps (30 C) came with a price. Soon a cold snap hit, freezing all the blossoms. The budding... read more »

no fish story

Why is God so big on judgment? Perhaps a better question is: Why is God so patient with us? Nearly everyone knows the story of Jonah. He was swallowed by a big fish and was then spit out onto dry land. Many people also know... read more »

roadside theology

Traveling south on a highway, I passed a billboard that presented this ominous message: HELL IS REAL. I agreed with the words, but for some reason that roadside theology lesson didn’t linger in my mind. However, returning... read more »

something rotten

I recently began searching for a good used car. When we went to check out a 2006 model, the vehicle looked pristine. Looks can be deceiving, however. For when I had my mechanic take a peek at the prospective purchase, he... read more »

judgment of justice

An acquaintance of mine, who is highly intelligent and has a philosophical bent, also carries antipathy toward God and religion. He enjoys being provocative, recently quoting the second-century philosopher Epicurus who said:... read more »

walk worthy of God

“Congratulations for doing so well!” Friends and family recently showered me with kudos. But it was due to the fact that my daughter had done exceptionally well in her national examinations. As a father, I couldn’t... read more »

you choose Q: What does Scripture reveal of God’s care, compassion, and faithfulness for oppressed people?

Q: What does Scripture reveal of God’s care, compassion, and faithfulness for oppressed people?  —Trish The Scriptures tell us that God is the defender, protector, and provider of the poor, the helpless and the... read more »

sin is serious

David Head, in his book He Sent Leanness, overhauls a traditional public confession of sin found in the Book of Common Prayer and offers a satirical look at our shallow view of sin: “Benevolent and easy-going Parent: We... read more »
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