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rainbows and remembering

The sight of a rainbow can trigger many thoughts. Spotting one might conjure up fairy tales of leprechauns and pots teeming with gold. In real life, however, rainbows do point to important things. For instance, mariners have... read more »

keep your guard up

A young man and several friends drove to a ski resort, went through a gate that contained warning signs about the dangerous condition of the slopes, and started snowboarding. On the second trip down the mountain, someone... read more »

no filter

Recently, someone close to me was made anxious and sad by the words of a friend. The individual shared some difficult past experiences in an awkward attempt at “helping” my loved one gain insight into a hardship she was... read more »

exploding misconceptions

How do you help people understand who Jesus truly is? How do you break through the half-truths and misconceptions? You do what Jesus did—you tell stories. Jesus told parables to shake awake hearts so they could see what... read more »

no fish story

Why is God so big on judgment? Perhaps a better question is: Why is God so patient with us? Nearly everyone knows the story of Jonah. He was swallowed by a big fish and was then spit out onto dry land. Many people also know... read more »

art of removal

Recently, my son had to have three wisdom teeth removed. The choppers needed to be extracted because of potential detrimental effects on the rest of the teeth. If the three offenders hadn’t been removed (God gave him just... read more »

the invention of lying

The Invention of Lying was a 2009 comedy set in an imagined world where mankind knows nothing about what it means to tell a lie. In the tale, an unsuccessful lecture-film writer, Mark Bellison, is the person who invents... read more »

crime and punishment

An English media personality was highly honored when he was alive. At his funeral, someone said of him, “His story was an epic of giving. Giving of time, giving of talent, giving of treasure. [He] can face eternal life... read more »

you choose Q: why does the God of the O.T. seem to be different from the God of the N.T.?

Q: Why does God seem to act differently in the Old Testament than how He does in the New Testament?  —Michael A: It’s a common misconception that God in the Old Testament acted differently than He did in the New... read more »

indicted or invited?

There are two ways most people tend to read the Bible. One is to read it mostly as an indictment of the human race. In other words, we’re sinful rebels who are bent on finding life apart from God. The other is to read... read more »
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