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you choose Q: are demons united in their evil efforts?

Q: I have have this impression/thought that demons are not united even among themselves. It seems like a logical deduction but I would like more certainty if its possible to know what is the stance of the Bible. In Mark... read more »

the invention of lying

The Invention of Lying was a 2009 comedy set in an imagined world where mankind knows nothing about what it means to tell a lie. In the tale, an unsuccessful lecture-film writer, Mark Bellison, is the person who invents... read more »

roadside theology

Traveling south on a highway, I passed a billboard that presented this ominous message: HELL IS REAL. I agreed with the words, but for some reason that roadside theology lesson didn’t linger in my mind. However, returning... read more »

with the Lord

Everyone wants to know what heaven will be like, and over the past several years a spate of books have promised to tell them. Don Piper was first with his 90 Minutes in Heaven. Following that bestseller, The Boy Who Came... read more »

confronting the darkness

“Crazy demons!” Hitting “send” before proofreading, I quickly realized the text my husband received would leave him confused. I had attempted to type out “crazy carline!” to explain my delay in meeting him, but... read more »


In 1971, John Lennon wrote a song about heaven and hell. The British public voted ”Imagine” their nation’s favorite song in 1999, and it earned Lennon a Grammy Hall of Fame Award that same year. The song also ranked... read more »

you choose Q: “where do people go after they die?”

Q: Where do people go after death?  —Hussein A: What happens to a person after he dies depends on whether that person is a born-again Christian or not. The Bible tells us that those who have not believed in Jesus Christ... read more »

the judgment seat of Christ

Matthew 7:21-23: Not everyone who calls out to Me, “Lord! Lord!” will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only those who actually do the will of My Father in heaven will enter. On judgment day many will say to Me, “Lord!... read more »

a friend in dark places

The Gap, a towering, jagged cliff near Australia’s Sydney Harbor, has the notorious distinction of being the spot where many people have gone to commit suicide. A simple invitation from a kindly stranger (“Why don’t... read more »

message from hell

Lately, many voices have arisen trying to discredit, distort, and pervert the truth contained in God’s Word about a place called hell. Don’t you find it strange that suddenly so many voices are coming out with... read more »
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