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not too young

Recent research has revealed what teenagers truly desire from the adults in their lives. The Search Institute study found that teens want parents and other older influencers to do the following: 1. Look at us. 2. Spend time... read more »

all our lives

In the early 1500s, Martin Luther said faith in Jesus justifies us. But he also stated that faith should permeate all areas of our lives, including business dealings. Two and a half centuries later, a young man named John... read more »


More than “another day, another dollar,” work for the believer is an opportunity to live out our God-given talents. At the same time, our jobs can be a significant source of stress. As we’re responding to different... read more »


Many people trust their pharmacists more than their pastors! According to a 2012 Gallup poll, respondents were asked to rate the “honesty and ethical standards” of 22 different professions. Seventy-five percent ranked... read more »

leading integrity

In 2012, a think-tank held a search for 1,000 people of integrity in their country. From that group they identified 20 who they felt could become key governmental leaders. This was in reaction to the widespread dismay over... read more »

privilege and responsibility

William Arthur Ward, a writer of inspirational maxims, penned these words of wisdom to inspire people to be responsible and do the right thing: “Do more than belong: participate. Do more than care: help. Do more than... read more »


Because we had moved before, I didn’t consider it unusual when my dad decided to find another position and relocate us to a new city. Just 12 years old, I hated leaving the friends and life I knew, but I accepted the idea... read more »

living differently

Several years ago, my husband and I made the decision not to purchase cable TV. The benefits of our decision went far beyond saving money. In fact, having recently lived with a family while building our new home, we... read more »

you choose Q: why does my business continue to fail even as I pray to God for help?

Q: Why is my business continuing to slide down even though we have been praying for God’s hand upon us? How can I continue to motivate my Christian colleagues who are demoralized?  —Teck A: “Keep on asking, and... read more »

privilege of love

Three nights ago, my husband and I closed a chapter in our life. Youth ministry has been my niche for as long as we’ve been married (nearly 18 years) and even longer for my husband. As we prepare to lead a church plant,... read more »
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