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If you feel as if you’re a walking ham and cheese on rye, there might be good reason. More and more people are becoming part of the “sandwich generation.” They’re feeling the squeeze of caring for children while also... read more »

mothers and fathers

Not long ago, I was drawn into a spirited discussion about the parenting concerns of mothers and fathers: Mothers tend to worry about their child’s safety; fathers focus on their child’s success. A mother is concerned... read more »

the angry voice

The other day I was fixing supper and my youngest came into the kitchen to tell me something that her big sister had done to her. She came in explaining in her poor-pitiful-me voice that her big sister was using my... read more »

you are loved

A counselor was conducting a family therapy session with the parents of a teenager who had been caught using drugs. The parents excused their daughter’s drug use, saying that it was no big deal and just a phase that most... read more »

August 29, 2011

Students around the world are heading back to school these days. What’s your take on the differences between attending a public school/university and a Christian school/university? ... read more »

till death

Part of the joy of being a pastor is walking alongside of couples as they step into marriage. Few experiences touch the soul more than the wonder and joy (and fear) of embracing life with another person. At the center of the... read more »

clouded vision

Seven years ago, she stayed after Bible study to talk about her struggles as a mom. With a child nearing preadolescence, she was torn between making decisions that would make her daughter feel different than her peers and... read more »

is it worth it?

Lou Gehrig may not have died from Lou Gehrig’s disease. The Hall of Fame pro baseball player is the namesake for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a debilitating neurological disease that slowly paralyzes its victims... read more »

hurt to help

One of professor Haddon Robinson’s seminary students once came to speak with him about her husband’s assignments. She told him that her husband was under a lot of pressure and had been working hard, but he was running... read more »

like little children

—pic submitted by Ruth Tobing, Indonesia Jesus called a little child to Him and put the child among them. Then He said, “I tell you the truth, unless you turn from your sins and become like little children, you will... read more »
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