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relinquish control

When I originally met the little Ugandan boy who eventually became my son, my goal was simply to keep him alive. After he overcame malnutrition and recovered from a long list of diseases, however, my dreams for his life... read more »


As a mom, I frequently have the opportunity to serve in high-risk negotiations in the prevention of “hostile takeovers.” Nearly 3 years apart, my children are as different as night and day. Though things can change at... read more »

too soon

Why, God? Why would you take one so young? Why do they have to endure so much pain? These questions have been running through my mind this morning. A young couple I know lost a baby just a day after he had been born with... read more »

say “L” for love

Most moms scold their kids for sticking their tongues out, but not me. I encouraged my son to do this when I was teaching him how to pronounce the letter “L.” Like many toddlers, every time he tried to make the... read more »


Since my nephew’s birthday is 11 days before mine, we often celebrate together. This year we decided to do something different, so the extended family— grandparents included—went to eat pizza and play laser... read more »

letting go

Li Yue fell hard for Hou You Jing. They were from the same province, shared a love for badminton and western movies, and—as if by fate—met while working second shift at a microchip processor company in Shenzhen.... read more »

renewed vow

My church started the year by having us renew the vows we’ve made—at one time or another—to the Lord our God. It was a most appropriate occasion for me, for precisely two weeks earlier I had thought through... read more »

depression and healing

The first time I laid my eyes on my daughter Sophie, I was stunned. So sublime was her beauty that I couldn’t believe that she was mine. Also stunned, but for a completely different reason, was my wife Jane. We had... read more »

oscar for fathers

James Cameron, of Avatar and Titanic fame, has reportedly said, “Anybody can be a father or a husband. There are only five people in the world who can do what I do, and I’m going for that.” It isn’t... read more »

when to forget

After our first son was born, my wife Miska and I entered a rough stretch in our marriage. We had been extremely close, but now another little person interrupted all that. We loved Wyatt very much, but our relational dynamic... read more »
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