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smartly, not seductively

I had an interesting conversation with a friend recently. “Much preaching about women dressing modestly has been destructive,” she said, “because it subtly places the blame for men’s lust on women. Men should take... read more »

mr. right

In an online forum, one woman wrote: “I’m single, over 30, and under pressure from parents, friends, and just about everyone around me to get married. Haven’t met the right guy, but still praying to. I’m really... read more »

idols of affection

In the final scene of the movie, the leading man—eyes brimming with tears—summarized his life to his girlfriend: no friends, no job, and a shady past. He had no family ties, no apparent faith in God. He really had only... read more »

worth the wait

Everybody is waiting for something. What are you waiting for—employment, marriage, family peace? Imagine having to wait centuries for the fulfillment of a promise, but there was no evidence that it would be fulfilled. This... read more »

true love

When I stopped by a nearby restaurant to pick up some food, a guy and a girl standing in the parking lot caught my attention. Their arms linked together, the guy craftily reached to place his hand between her legs. My heart... read more »

you choose Q: I’ve fallen in love with an unbeliever . . . what should I do?

Q: I’ve fallen in love with an unbeliever, but I know it’s wrong. What should I do?  —Keliya A: Keliya, your heart is obviously torn in two over this relationship. On one hand, you’re strongly drawn to... read more »

you choose Q: how can single people relate to “family values” Christians?

How can single people like myself relate to the “family values” Christians?  —Sharon Thanks so much for sending in this important question. We believe you’re asking, How do I relate, how do I cope in this... read more »

no-sex week

For several years, Yale University—an elite institution in the US—allowed students to engage in an annual 7-day sexual frenzy known as Sex Week at Yale. The week included “prominently featured titillating displays,... read more »

tears in a bottle

Lisa Linehan is on her way to the altar. She’s booked a wedding location, purchased a dress, and has even set the date. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a groom, even though she has “been out with 70 different guys”... read more »

free your mind

“Sow a thought, reap an action: Sow an action, reap a habit; Sow a habit, reap a character; Sow a character, reap a destiny.”  —Samuel Smiles One of the first things I realized after I was wholly surrendered to my... read more »
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