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in the shadows

I know a couple who have just had their third miscarriage. In two of those painful losses, they’ve held a perfectly formed, lifeless little body in their hands. While there’s much light in this world—beauty, goodness, joy—there are also the shadows of sadness, evil, and suffering. Sometimes... read more »

you choose Q: what can i do about my sin?

Q: I always try to run away from sin, and when I think I’ve gotten away, it comes back. After I commit the sin, I feel as if I should be punished for my sin. Other times, I feel so bad that I think that God is disappointed, and I’m too embarrassed to tell anyone of my sin, what do I... read more »

hope in death

In early 2012, James McConnell passed away at a nursing home in Southsea, Hampshire, in England. Mr. McConnell, a veteran of the UK’s Royal Marines, was 70 years old. Unfortunately, he had no family, and when the medical staff told Rev. Bob Mason that they feared no one would show up for the... read more »

love does

The news came on Christmas Eve. My wife put down the phone, walked into the bedroom, and burst into tears. We were living in Australia then and had been visiting family in Brisbane, but after the call we decided we needed some time alone. So we packed our bags and started the 12-hour drive home to... read more »

laying claim

My mother has developed a habit of occasionally asking us what items we would want once she leaves this earthly existence. Responding with lighthearted humor to her musings on death, and her tendency to be a bit of a packrat, my sister and I tell her not to hide any money in the house because we... read more »

you choose Q: what can you do when you’ve lost all hope?

Q: What can you do when you’ve lost all hope?  —Joseph A: Scripture gives numerous examples of people who’ve struggled with feelings of hopelessness  (1 Kings 19:4; Psalm 22:11; Isaiah 53:10; Lamentations 1:12; Jonah 2:1-5; Matthew 27:46; 2 Corinthians 1:8; Hebrews 11:35-40). When the... read more »

prince of peace

While walking through a store, my friend’s 12-year-old daughter commented on a magazine cover about the December 2012 mass shooting that tragically killed 20 children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in the US. Her 6-year-old brother didn’t know much about the heartbreaking event,... read more »

he’s not there

My dad passed away a year ago from pancreatic cancer. When we arrived at the graveside for a private family burial, the funeral director was waiting there with my dad’s cremated ashes. It was the first time we had seen the small urn that housed his remains. I suddenly became overwhelmed with... read more »

tissue boxes

As I sat in the surgical waiting room, I had plenty of time to think. I’d been here before. The last time, the outcome was bad—very bad. On that day, we received the news that my only brother was “brain dead”—two devastating words. Today was different. Alone, I listened to the room’s... read more »

must-see destinations

The title of a 2010 LIFE special edition magazine reads: “Heaven on Earth: The World’s Must-See Destinations.” It contains stunning photography of places such as the Grand Canyon, Alaska’s Denali, Petra in Jordan, and Rio de Janeiro. I’ve actually been fortunate enough to visit a few of... read more »
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