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Recently, I took a 17-hour road trip and my family and a foreign exchange student we were hosting were also along for the ride. To save time, we attempted to cut through a bordering country. We were turned away at the border, however, because our exchange student did not possess the right paperwork.... read more »

Savior of the world

Christians believe that Jesus is coming back again. A terrifying time of unprecedented persecution and suffering, destruction and death will precede His return, however (Revelation 6:1–16:21). Satan will cause havoc, severely persecuting those who believe in God. In the midst of such intense... read more »

shrinking faith

In Indonesia, scientists have located remains of an ancient people that may have—over the years—shrunk due to what they call “island dwarfism.” The researchers have used the name hobbit to identify the remains. Though hobbits are fictitious creatures, we’re naturally curious about what... read more »

powerful prayers

In the spring of 2013, North Korean church leaders requested that believers around the world pray for their country and the Christians who live there. They called for this intercession due to the saber-rattling of North Korea’s government, which had been conducting military exercises with war... read more »

“Christ” offends people

A few years ago, a prominent Christian group removed the word Christ from its organization’s name. The organization defended its name change, citing research which revealed that 20 percent of non-Christians were alienated and offended by the name of Christ. So they stated that they were merely... read more »

away in a manger

According to a Gallup Poll, “Away in a Manger” was voted the second most popular carol. Although some of what we sing isn’t mentioned in the Bible (for example, cattle present at Jesus’ birth or Jesus not crying), the carol affirms some deep theological truths. We’re told that “[Mary]... read more »

suffering for good

Within the span of just 20 minutes last December, four Pakistani women were shot and killed in the city of Karachi. A fifth woman was shot in the city of Peshawar. To make the situation even more horrific, these women were medical staff, implementing a polio vaccine program organized by the UN. A... read more »

know your enemy

A recent pop song contains these lyrics: “Do you know the enemy? Do you know your enemy? Well, gotta know the enemy.” David knew someone who counted him as an enemy—Saul. The troubled king of Israel hated David, and that spelled big trouble for the future king. David nervously thought,... read more »


A close friend of mine is married to a senior leader of an African nation that has for decades been known for extreme persecution. While her husband was serving as a catalyst in seeing that country’s people freed from an oppressive regime, my friend and her three children recently spent a year... read more »

shouting to silence

Last year, during a well-publicized political debate, one man repeatedly shouted his responses, talked over the other candidate’s responses, and snickered as his opponent stated his case. Why did he do it? He was striving to silence the other candidate with his noise. Stephen could relate. As the... read more »
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