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Jesus weeps

It happens often at weddings. The mother of the bride can be seen quietly sobbing. Her tears are a fitting response to the coming of age of her daughter and the memories of the years she had nurtured her. The Jews were celebrating the coming of their long-awaited king (Luke 19:35-38). Yet Jesus was... read more »


While visiting a friend in Marseille, France, we stopped by an old church. I took in the cold stone floors, the magnificent ancient walls, and the smell of the musty wooden pews. Almost hidden from my view, built into a wall, was the confessional box. It contained enough for just one person on... read more »

you choose Q: what can i do about my sin?

Q: I always try to run away from sin, and when I think I’ve gotten away, it comes back. After I commit the sin, I feel as if I should be punished for my sin. Other times, I feel so bad that I think that God is disappointed, and I’m too embarrassed to tell anyone of my sin, what do I... read more »

Bible cyst

An acquaintance of mine recently went to have his doctor examine a cyst on the top of his wrist. The doctor told the man that it was a “Bible cyst.” A ganglion cyst, sometimes called a Bible cyst, is a swelling or benign tumor that often surfaces on or around joints and tendons in the hand or... read more »


In the Middle East, where the Bedouin culture is alive and well, you’ll find shepherds who care for their sheep with great tenderness and watchfulness. I once observed some of these men at work, and I was amazed at their intimate care for their flocks. They protect their woolly friends from storms... read more »

no fish story

Why is God so big on judgment? Perhaps a better question is: Why is God so patient with us? Nearly everyone knows the story of Jonah. He was swallowed by a big fish and was then spit out onto dry land. Many people also know that Jonah warned the Assyrian city of Nineveh about the judgment to come.... read more »

power of forgiveness

What would you do follow God? Love others? Absolutely. Sell your possessions and give the money to the poor? Done. What about forgiving the person who wronged you? Hmm. That’s a tough one. Are you sure I have to? Jesus said so. Twice. The Lord’s Prayer implores God to “forgive us our sins, as... read more »

guilty as charged

I recently read of the acquittal of a teenage girl who had been accused of blasphemy under her country’s strict blasphemy laws. If she had been convicted, she would have been imprisoned for life. It was found, however, that a religious teacher had promoted false evidence to frame her. As I thought... read more »

you choose Q: how can forgive my brother who has deeply hurt me?

Q: How can I forgive my brother who has deeply hurt me and my family but is unrepentant?  —Lynn A: Living with an unrepentant family member requires love and strength of character. We should always discipline ourselves to not seek vengeance, regardless of what the person has done to us. Allowing... read more »

living differently

Several years ago, my husband and I made the decision not to purchase cable TV. The benefits of our decision went far beyond saving money. In fact, having recently lived with a family while building our new home, we discovered what we hadn’t been missing. We knew the toxicity of television, but... read more »
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