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be patient

If you had the opportunity to handpick the members of your local church or small group, would you choose people who always . . . • fail to do what they’re supposed to do? • give you 10 reasons why your ideas won’t work? • find it hard to consistently do God’s will? I’m guessing you... read more »

thanking God for you

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generous unity

April 2013 marked a milestone birthday for me. To celebrate, we took a long trip to my college “stomping grounds.” Numerous tollbooths, scenic beach views, and city excursions marked our unforgettable vacation. The highlight for my husband and me, though, was a little unexpected: it was that our... read more »

you choose Q: what does it mean for the elders to administer the Lord’s Supper?

Q: In the Westminster Confession of Faith it states that the sacraments are to be administered by ordained ministers. Elders are to shepherd, govern and protect. I’ve been thinking a lot about this in terms of the Lord’s Supper. But what does it mean for the elders to administer the Lord’s... read more »

March 3, 2014

What are some of the biggest issues the church is facing today? ... read more »

team effort

Recently, I watched the making of a popular Korean TV drama. I’ve been a fan of the show, but the behind-the-scene experience brought my appreciation to a new level. I learned that a successful program requires more than just a talented screenwriter. She needs the actors and actresses to bring the... read more »

encourage one another . . .

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warped view

Recently, I was talking with a friend who has been scarred by sin—things done to him by others. The effects linger, even though the actions occurred long ago. He was struggling, trying to see beyond the lies that caused him to feel unworthy of God’s grace. He felt powerless and weak, which left... read more »

you choose Q: what advice would you give to a single person who’s feeling lonely at church?

Q: What advice would you give a person who is the only single person in her entire church and is feeling left out and lonely?  —Lisa A: A single person is popularly defined as “one who is above 30 and unmarried.” I would prefer to see a single as “any person who is not in a marital... read more »

you choose Q: do Gentiles who receive salvation become spiritual Jews?

Q: Is it correct to say that all Gentiles who receive [salvation] are spiritual Jews?  —Elaine A: Gentile Christians don’t become “spiritual Jews.” The term “Jew” or “Jewish” is a cultural/ethnic term, not a spiritual one. Although some Jews are spiritually the “seed of... read more »
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