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you choose Q: How do you manage staff who want you to fail?

Q: How do you handle staff—who claim to be believers in Jesus—as a manager and a Christian when they think success of the organization is only for the manager and they rejoice when plans fail?  —Adah

A: As a manager and a believer in Jesus, you desire to relate rightly with your staff who are also believers. However, their disenchantment with…

Christmas anytime, anywhere

The year has come and is almost over,

yet, the end of the world is still not here—

from mishaps, God helps us to recover

to enjoy His season of yuletide cheer.


We need not meet the Lord face to face

to thank Him for His amazing grace;

still, the mercy He showered upon us

can also be shown…

January 2, 2013

Why is fellowship with other believers so important in our life in Jesus?

my word is my promise

As an author, I’ve signed a few contracts. I’ve asked others to sign them too. What I dislike most about contracts is their endless clauses, spelled out in detailed legal jargon. It’s a litigious age. We’ve all heard of opportunistic folks, with well-paid lawyers, who find legal loopholes in such documents and cash in. So our contracts get longer and longer.