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Valentine's Day 2013

Let’s remember that Valentine’s Day is not just a time for a man & woman to celebrate a special relationship. Once we have given ourselves to Christ, we have begun a love relationship that lasts our lifetime, one that we can celebrate every single day!

—art and copy submitted by Terry and Pat Lampel, US

February 11, 2013

What have you found worked well to help a friend break free of an addiction?

back from the dead

The young Argentinean couple grieved over their baby. The medical staff pronounced the baby stillborn and hurried the body away. The mother, drugged from the delivery, hadn’t even gotten to kiss her baby girl goodbye. Twelve hours later, Analia Bouter and her husband, Favian, went to the morgue to see their child and to say farewell. When the staff pulled out the drawer holding the body, they heard a baby’s cry. The newborn was alive!