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you choose Q: where were the disciples when the Holy Spirit came?

Q: Where were the disciples when the Holy Spirit came on The Day of Pentecost?  —Pat

A: No one knows for sure where the disciples were gathered.  Some have believed that it was the upper room mentioned in Acts 1:13. Others think that the place could have been a room in the temple, a synagogue, or the temple courtyard itself. The…

strong as an ant

Thirty-five years ago, Thomas Daigle and his wife signed a home loan. On the way out of the bank, he found a penny on the ground. On a lark, they said they should save pennies to pay off their loan. Decades later, they had amassed 62,000 pennies. They hauled the accumulated coins to a bank teller to finish off their mortgage’s balance. It took bank employees 2 days to count the coins, but the Daigles’ mortgage was no more.