An audition for a singing competition on TV captured my attention. Strumming on a guitar he’d learned to play just a year earlier, a young man named Anderson wowed the judges when he performed his original song, “My Best Friend.”

As gifted as this young man is—it was his story that inspired me most. Anderson is a young African-American man who had been living on the streets of New York City. That changed when an older and affluent white man, Norm, came into his life through an organization that reaches out to homeless youths.

Norm saw a passion and talent in the young man that he couldn’t quite see in himself. The older man gave young Anderson an acoustic guitar and he taught himself to play almost immediately. He soon took to the streets and subways of the Big Apple where he blossomed as a singer. “It’s because of the guitar,” Anderson said during the audition, “that I’m here today.”

The guitar Norm gave his young friend encompassed and went beyond just being than a musical instrument. It embodied blessing someone in need, even one who doesn’t look like you, act like you, or talk like you.

What Norm did for Anderson reminds me of something an older mentor (Paul) once encouraged his young apprentice (Timothy) to stress to those who have more than others: “Be rich in good works and generous to those in need, always being ready to share with others” (1 Timothy 6:18).

We live in an age where our love tends to grow cold toward those who are different and less fortunate than we are. Instead, may we “experience true life” (1 Timothy 6:19) by being open and ready to put Paul’s words into practice wherever the Spirit leads. May we “trust” in God and pour out His goodness on others! (1 Timothy 6:17).

NLT 365-day reading plan passage for today: Daniel 2:1-24