When I signed up to become a chaplain in the British Royal Navy as a middle-aged man, the venture could have appeared to be a silly idea—something I should have never attempted. Surely I could have earned a living in a much safer and less strenuous environment. And yet, I felt compelled to pursue what I believe was God’s calling—choosing to rely on Him to strengthen me along the way.

I received constant reminders that the Lord was with me and guided each step in my process of becoming a chaplain. He continually grew my faith and helped me press on. What looked silly to some made perfect sense when I could so plainly see God’s hand of preparation upon me.

Though I’m no Caleb, I’ve always been impressed by the way God prepared and used that inspiring man of faith. Caleb and Joshua were the only scouts to tell Moses they could conquer the land (Numbers 14:6,10,30). Caleb ignored all the challenges that others saw and spoke out even as almost everyone else complained and gave a negative account (Numbers 13:30-33). His faith led him to say, “If the Lord is pleased with us, he will bring us safely into [the] land” (Numbers 14:8).

After the fearful Israelites threatened to stone him, Caleb stood firm in the strength that God had given him. And later in life, even as an old man he was ready to face any battle or challenge with God’s strength (Joshua 14:6-15). He continued to passionately and “wholeheartedly [follow] the Lord” (Joshua 14:14).

Caleb never let the negative opinions of others get in the way. He kept trusting in God—not focusing on his age or other factors. May you and I rely on God’s perspective when He calls us to do something new for Him!

NLT 365-day reading plan passage for today: John 11:37-57