poh fang chia

Poh Fang had never dreamed of being in a language-related profession when she was young. Chemistry was her first love. The turning point came when she received Jesus as her Savior as a 15-year-old. That same year, Poh Fang read an excellent book that she found in the local Youth for Christ office—a place she visited nearly every day. At that time, she expressed to Jesus that she would like to create meaningful books.

So began the miraculous transformation of a person with no language affinity! Poh Fang fell in love with reading. She began spending hours poring over books. She remembers vividly the prayer she made after a disappointing pre-entry interview to the School of Communication Studies in Singapore: “Lord, if I ever get to study here, I must use the training I receive for Your kingdom’s sake.” She was admitted into the school and graduated in 1999. She spent the next five years in the advertising industry.

In August 2006, Poh Fang visited her sister who lives in Michigan (US). A friend suggested that she visit the Our Daily Bread Ministries office located in Grand Rapids. So she did! The tour persuaded her that this was the organization she would like to work in . . . God willing.

A wish made many years ago became a reality. Poh Fang serves with Our Daily Bread Ministries as managing editor and is currently working on a few book projects. She has witnessed firsthand, however, that God is the best storyteller. And she’s grateful that her life is His poiema (masterpiece).