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using your gift

The 2013 film Frozen tells the story of a troubled princess named Elsa who possessed a special gift—the power to create ice and snow. We’re not talking about making iced tea. No—with a flick of the wrist, this princess could unleash a blizzard that would instantly turn a warm summer day into a cold winter wonderland.

the Spirit’s first gift

We often focus on the more controversial aspects of Acts 2:1-47. We question whether the Holy Spirit continues to work in the same way today, or if the miracles found in the passage have ceased; and we wonder if such gifts are necessary for salvation.

you choose Q: where were the disciples when the Holy Spirit came?

Q: Where were the disciples when the Holy Spirit came on The Day of Pentecost?  —Pat

A: No one knows for sure where the disciples were gathered.  Some have believed that it was the upper room mentioned in Acts 1:13. Others think that the place could have been a room in the temple, a synagogue, or the temple courtyard itself. The…

you choose Q: does one have to "tarry for" [wait for the baptism of] the Holy Spirit?

Q: Does one have to “tarry for” [wait for the Baptism of] the Holy Spirit?  —Iona

A: The baptism of the Holy Spirit is not something to be sought after conversion, nor is it something to be sought after in the form of an overt exterior sign (i.e. speaking in tongues). The baptism of the Holy Spirit is an event that…

you choose Q: should everyone speak in tongues as evidence of receiving the Holy Spirit?

Q: Should everyone speak in tongues as evidence of receiving the Holy Spirit?  —Femi

A: Because the gift of tongues was one of the miracles that occurred as the Holy Spirit ushered in the age of the church at Pentecost, and because tongues-speaking was prominent in the Corinthian church, some Christian groups believe it's necessary to speak in tongues today as…

you choose Q: "are tongues for every believer in Jesus?"

Q: As a Christian, is it important to speak in tongues? Is speaking in tongues meant for every Christian? Thanks.  —Oloruntoba

A: Here’s what we know about speaking in tongues:

• The first occurrence of speaking in unknown tongues in the Bible involved God’s judgment at the tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9).

• The next reference to tongues was in Isaiah’s…