F for Fervently

However long or much it takes,

either in time, efforts or money,

however many wrongs dad makes,

he still performs his tasks FERVENTLY.

A for Abiding And Asserting

Abiding always in God’s Word

By being fruitful, and not absurd.

ASSERTING godly values on the meek and bold,

dad is never too young, too busy or too old.

T for Through Trials

By God’s surmounting strength, love and grace,

dad has gone through various trials victoriously;

till now, he seldom fails to amaze,

especially in the things done paternally.

H for Hardly Hardening His Heart

Hardly hardening his heart at home and elsewhere,

dad has plenty of compassion and empathy –

God’s love, joy and peace, he often dares to share,

not so much in dreams, but more in reality.

E for Encouraging Enough

Seldom discouraged on any night or day,

but encouraging enough in his own way

as in many things, dad puts his faith in God

to thrive in God’s ways, and never by the sword.

R for Reprising Regular Roles Resplendently

Reprising his regular roles resplendently,

dad usually finishes what he starts;

responding to random roles reactively,

he steadily finishes what God starts.

S for Sportingly Sacrificing Self


dad often heeds and honours God, and helps others;

a.m. or p.m. from one to twelve,

he is truly the epitome of all fathers.

FATHERS = Fervently

Abiding And Asserting

Through Trials

Hardly Hardening His Heart

Encouraging Enough

Reprising Regular Roles Resplendently

Sportingly Sacrificing Self

—submitted by Bernard (Gideon) Lim Kean Hyn, Malaysia