In whatever we ponder,

of the past, present or future,

let us always remember

all mothers for their good nature.

No matter what people may choose to think,

or of our mums, influence others to think;

all mothers are much more they seem

whenever they whisper, talk or scream.

Mothers may not think as we think,

but they can still wink as we wink;

nevertheless, to them we are still linked

much more than we, or friends, or strangers think.

What mothers may lack in stature,

including wisdom  and knowledge;

they make up in what they nurture

out of love, to our advantage.

In their maternally-unique ways,

moms do try to think of nice things to say;

they seldom fail  to please or amaze

in their conversations from day to day.

Mothers often speak positive words

always to bless people, never to curse;

they rarely utter negative words

to encourage, and not discourage us.

Whatever languages moms may speak,

their most common language is still love;

as much more than water, blood is thick,

such is their love that comes from above.

Out of concern, moms verbally pray

for our well-being, each and every day

what, where, when, why and how mothers say

matters much to us in a huge way.

Putting what they preach into practice,

sometimes through hardships, sometimes with ease;

however meticulous moms are,

they are as imperfect as we are.

As hens cover their chicks from all birds of prey,

mothers watch over their children every day;

regardless of the mistakes that are made,

their deeds precede what have been thought or said.

Whether routine chores or impromptu tasks,

in mothers, we can place our hopes and trust;

whether moms are occupied or free,

they are mostly there for you and me.

Not being that multi-talented

does not make mothers less committed

as what they think, say and do still really matter

much more than fame, wealth and other things similar.

We praise and exalt God for giving us mothers.

as we thank all mothers for their sacrifices–

on and beyond twenty thirteen twelve May,

let us celebrate Mother’s Day each day!!!

—submitted by Bernard (Gideon) Lim Kean Hyn, Malaysia