Born as Ewe Haw with a quaint curl,

at Penang Free School, he studied;

baptized at marriage as Michael,

excel in insurance he did.


When at seventy four, dad died,

it was Friday, almost midnight,

twenty eleven, April fifteenth—

linked to three machines, he was seen.


For three days and two nights, the wake lasted,

at Batu Gantong, dad was cremated.

His remains emptied from the boat into the sea,

near Gurney Drive, six loved ones were there to see.


Year after year,

Father’s Day has in some ways been the same;

but, from this year—

without dad, it will never be the same!


Like us all, fathers have the privilege

of being made in God the Father’s image;

yet, it is a sad but true fact

that all fathers are not perfect.


However imperfect fathers are,

they are still heads of families;

their onuses are heavier by far,

yet, they are neither slaves nor bullies.


As well as those prepared by mothers,

certain fathers may not sew or cook;

but, they can be great story-tellers—

on their own, or reading from the book.


Not all fathers are teachers by profession—

this does not mean they lack patience or passion;

they teach whatever they know, not just for show,

but so that their children may reap what they sow.


Fathers may not be rich or famous,

yet, they dare to make sacrifices

not so much to be rich or famous,

but to make lives better for others.


Although to God and our family,

dad was not fully committed,

never less manly or fatherly,

he ever behaved or reacted.


Despite the wrong things he did and said,

dad was my only earthly father;

I thank God for each day He has made

to remember dad and every father.


To fathers of all races and places,

I wish a very blessed Father’s Day;

may God’s light always shine on your faces

and guide you every moment of each day.

—submitted by Bernard (Gideon) Lim Kean Hyn, Malaysia