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Together as Friends

Near the epic conclusion of Tolkien’s Return of the King, Frodo stands on the threshold of destroying the “One Ring of Power.” All he has to do is throw it into the consuming fires of Mount Doom. But the hobbit can’t do it. He holds on to the ring, powerless to let go despite the ring’s destructive power.

Seduced by Degrees

It started out with my friend doing a little drinking with friends—hitting a bar after work. But then the heavier drinking began and poor decisions ensued as his abuse of alcohol escalated. His weak relationship with God became nonexistent. Today, my friend’s marriage is in shambles and his relationship with his kids is strained. It’s been hard to see him slip into the abyss by degrees.

no ordinary struggle

Near the conclusion of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Return of the King, Frodo is on the verge of completing his mission to destroy the Ring of Power. With the fate of Middle Earth hanging in the balance, all that’s left is to cast the ring into the fires of Mount Doom.

free to live the truth

When my son Wyatt was 10, we drove past a well-known burger chain. “Dad,” Wyatt said, “I don’t like it that the commercials make the fast-food places look all joyful and happy. And then you go there and they’re sad and dirty.” Then he said, “And the bathrooms are nasty.”

tell it to move!

Everywhere I look, there are people facing mountains. High, powerful mountains. Mountains that seem utterly impossible to move.

These immovable mountains are hurting the hearts of many. These mountains come in the form of financial problems for many. Debt so big with no way to overcome it. We do our best to work hard, pay our tithe and offering, pay our debt,…

a private problem

Pastor. Husband. Father. Sex addict.

February 11, 2013

What have you found worked well to help a friend break free of an addiction?

don’t be cruel

Have you noticed how difficult it is for elected officials to break bad news to their citizens? Numerous countries are drowning in debt, yet most leaders refuse to raise taxes or cut benefits. Figuring that bankruptcy will be the next government’s problem, they happily kick the crisis down the road.

These leaders act like the false prophets in Jerusalem. God…

happy hour

Paul Sneddon took the corner too fast. Crashing through a wooden barrier, he flipped his Ford Laser. When he realized there was no way out of the wreck, he popped open a brew and drank it down while waiting to be rescued. Later, he admitted that at the time of the accident, he “had been drinking for 4 days straight.”…

walk forward

His father described him as down-to-earth, generous, kindhearted, life-loving, and unselfish.

Maybe that's why so many people were shocked when Australian-born actor Heath Ledger died of a prescription drug overdose. Before his death, Ledger was reportedly fighting an addiction to heroin.

We all struggle with habitual cravings—food, gambling, and porn are just a few of the things that can enslave…

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