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“I wake up in cold sweats every so often thinking, What did we bring to the world?” Tony Fadell, who helped create the iPhone, voiced those words of concern over the self-absorption that can come with too much ‘iFocus’ in our use of technology. He noted that communication devices—though capable of much good—are designed to meet individual needs and aren’t always about what’s best for healthy family and community relationships.

worth it

Racing along the beach as the moonlight hits the water, I dash toward the figure running toward me. I have a pile of papers to grade, a house in desperate need of attention, and a writing deadline to complete in less than 48 hours, and here I am running through the sand and trying to guard my team’s home base.…

i'm fine

In my country, it’s customary to say, “How are you doing?” when greeting someone. And then comes the inevitable reflexive response: “Fine, how are you doing?”—regardless of how the person actually feels. It’s simply a greeting.

My pastor is from the Democratic Republic of Congo, so he has a fresh take on this perfunctory part of my culture. Pastor Kizombo…

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