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Pure Delight

The diving bell spider lives the majority of its life in a bubble of air at the bottom of freshwater ponds and streams in northern and central Europe and northern Asia. To create the bubble, it somersaults on the surface of the water, catches a bubble of air, holds it over the breathing holes in the middle of its body, and then dives down and spins a silk web between underwater plants. This arachnid then swims back up to the surface, bringing down bubble after bubble until a big balloon of air is formed. It then eats and lives in the big bubble.

Pure Delight

Gales of laughter spill throughout the room as our daughter doubles over in delight after having bested her dad in their game of “got you.” Keeping points, they look for opportunities to scare each other. Though well into her teen years, my daughter finds great pleasure in scoring a point, while I find great joy in hearing the natural, unhindered delight of those I love.

you’re beautiful

Ashley Munroe penned the message “You’re beautiful” on nearly 2,000 notes and then placed one on each locker in her high school. Via surveillance cameras, school authorities saw Ashley distributing the notes. The principal assumed she was causing trouble and suspended her. Several hundred students, however, signed a petition to help Ashley avoid punishment. Perhaps her best reward was hearing from a girl who had planned to commit suicide that day but did not because of Ashley’s message.

foxy lady

Not long ago, my wife, Miska, met a friend for coffee. As they sat at an outdoor café, a man in a white fedora walked back and forth near them—several times. He would go into the barbershop next door, only to exit a few minutes later and cruise near the ladies, giving them a smile or word. He was working it. On his final sweep, he paused to slide Miska a note on a yellow Post-it addressed to “Foxy Lady.” Part of me wants to punch the guy in the face. But I’d also like to shake his hand. While I would have liked for him to raise his fedora enough to notice Miska’s wedding ring, I appreciate his brazen courage. I, of all men, understand the beauty he encountered. I guess with some people, we simply can’t contain our delight. But the poor fellow didn’t stand a chance.


So constant, faithful, reliable, and unceasing! Your mighty hands uphold me FOREVER! Your strength is unmistakable; it's perfection always uncovered in my devastating weaknesses. Though I wish I could show You the strong person that others see at times; You see past it all! No masks, facade, or coverings. And even still, there You are; my constant, faithful, reliable, and…

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