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Is God Necessary?

A few years ago, writer Maureen Dowd was in Australia to promote her book Are Men Necessary? At one event, Dowd and a female interviewer were on stage when a member of the audience asked if a podium blocking her view could be moved. In an instant, two men heaved aside the heavy podium as the audience began to laugh. “Are men necessary?” the interviewer quipped, “I think the question has been answered.”


In the movie Limitless, actor Bradley Cooper plays Eddie Morra—a lazy, unkempt man with little going for him. Morra’s life takes a radical turn, however, when he’s given the drug “NZT” that enables him to access 100 percent of his brain. While on NZT, the former sloth has unbridled abilities, allowing him to rake in money, success, and women.


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